Classical Music for Baby?

Pregnancy music - This time we will discuss about the impact of music for pregnancy. This is good news for pregnant women. It can also be just an important knowledge for you. In the second trimester the fetus develops very rapidly, both in terms of size and ability. One of the important capabilities that began to develop in this period is the ability of hearing. Currently, hearing becomes the only channel of communication between the fetus and the outside world. He can feel his surroundings through hearing. And he will begin to react to what he hears. The mother may feel the reaction in the fetal movement in the womb. With the development of the sense of hearing, many people begin to connect between the fetus with music, the point to educate the fetal brain. But can music really affect the intelligence of the fetus? This opinion is still confusing among the experts, because in fact there is no single study that ensures that music is heard to the fetus is able to make the baby's brai…

Song For Every Situation

It's great to live in peace, calm, and away from trouble. But there are times when we experience stress, a problem that always comes. It seems unavoidable. So listen to the right song for the right situation. Because the music proved effective to cool our mind and our mood.

This time Music For Your Life will discuss about the song that is suitable to be heard in every situation. Listen to the right song at the right time.

In a previous article, I once discussed "How to fix any bad mood with music." This time I will discuss more detail about songs that are suitable to be heard in every situation.

1. SadHave you ever felt sad?

Losing someone you love, will certainly make you feel crushed, not easy to eliminating feelings of sadness . But it doesn't feel good either if we grieve too long. If you want to get rid of the sadness, then listen to up beat music, fast tempo and cheerful.

I have some reference songs that you must listen to, to improve your mood quickly. Among …

5 Amazing Health Benefits of Singing

One of the most popular activities is singing. Whether the voice is melodious or not, whether he has the ability to sing or not, people will still love to sing. Singing is a fun activity. Most of us have been singers, even in the bathroom or just singing in the karaoke room.
If you have hobbies and singing habits, then continue the habit. It’s good habit. If you practice regularly, then you will become a professional singer, get a lot of dollars and get famous. It's one of the social benefits of singing for you. If you don’t become a professional singer, it doesn’t mean you have to stop singing. Continue to do your hobby, because singing was very beneficial to our body health. That's why singing is important!
"Actually, singing very well for you in any case, because singing is a form of free expression of the soul"

What is the health benefits of singing?Here are 5 health benefits of singing:
1. Singing good for musclesSinging is a sport for the muscles of the body. When …

How To Write Good Song Lyrics Step by Step

Lyrics are the deciding factor in the success of a song. Where aquality song, depending on quality of their lyrics. The power of a lyric can change mood, attitude, way of thinking, even our behavior. influence of the lyrics are so powerful.
Previously we had discussed about "How to write a song in easy five steps." There's explained about the steps in making a good song. One of those discussed there's in making the lyrics. In this article, Music For Your Life will explain in more depth about How to write good song lyrics
Lately, I see that the trend of music becomes more simple. People prefer to hear easy listening songs, and not elaborate songs, which rely too heavily on music skills. People prefer simple chords, not too much syncopation, and most importantly have simple and easy-to-understand lyrics. Well, we'll start ... 

Writing Song Lyrics Format 1. Define the theme This is the most important first part. Define themes for your lyrics, such as love themes (falli…

5 Most Influential Rock Bands From UK

England is a country that produces many legendary musicians. From there the term "Brit Pop or British Pop" originated. Call it The Beatles, The Cure, Rolling Stones and many more famous musicians from there. Their songs can still be heard up to now.

No wonder if the UK became one of the world's music reference. Many musicians today influence by British musicians.

This time Music For Your Life will discuss about5 Most Influential Rock Bands From UK.

Most Influential Rock Bands  1. The Beatles 
Who doesn't know the band from Liverpool this one. This pop band was very popular in the '60s, all the youths at the time were very fond of The Beatles. Its popularity isn't only in England, but also throughout the world. Their popular songs include : Hey Jude, Yesterday, When I saw her standing there, All you need is love and many more.

The band comprises John Lennon (rhythm guitar, vocals), Paul McCartney (bass guitar, vocals), George Harrison (lead guitar, vocals), Ri…

3 Most Important Qualities Of A Good Song

A good song is a song that many people love. That's simple definition of a good song. It seems very difficult to get the praise of all music lovers. There are times when our songs are mocked, sometimes also flattered. Of course, insult of our haters are very painful, but if we look from the bright side, it's a spur to encourage the creation of art works better. 
Back to topic, in your opinion,  What are the characteristics of a good melody?
Is the best-selling song on the market a good song? 
Is the song whose contents of hate speech is a good song?
Is the song that motivates a good song? 

For the answer, everyone has their own perceptions. This time the Music For Your Life will try to discuss the 3 most important qualities of a good song
"This article is also great for you to make reference in making a good song"
It's still a lot of debate about the characteristics of a good song, because there's no standard benchmark on the matter. Everyone is free to describ…

How To Become A Famous Musician Fast

How to become a famous musician fastBeing a famous musician is every young man's dream. Who doesn't want to become famous and rich? 
It seems that dream will come true if we focus on one goal. How to become a famous musician fast? 
Actually, many ways that we can do to become a top musician. This timeMusic For Your Lifewill discuss the stages of "How to become a famous musician". 

1. Determine your position  Decide whether you will be a soloist, a band, a songwriter, an instrument soloist, a vocal group or even a music producer. This is a very important first step, because it will decide "you are known as what" later. 
It takes a little bit ... 
Even very little talent ... 
To achieve what you want, just decide what you want to be, then study in depth. Learning isn't necessary with special guidance. Many famous musicians learn music by self-taught. Especially in today's information is very easy to get. 
2. Learning and Practicing  When you know what po…

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