Simple Home Recording Studio Equipment

Several decades have been very busy home recording scattered everywhere. Whether used individually or used as a commercial business.

What is home recording? 

Simple home recording studio equipment

Home recording is a recording process that can be done at home with simple equipment. Unlike the recording studio that is required to have a special room, equipped with a special acoustic room, analog support equipment that is quite expensive and the instruments that have a special recording standard. It can't be denied, that recording in the studio recording more better. The echo of the room felt more natural. Therefore, professional musicians prefer studio recording for more professional and great results.

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Some say, "The price is more expensive, the quality is definitely better." Indeed such an opinion is true. Like studio recording, the rent is more expensive than home recording. For quality, many professional musicians record on home recording. Even most DJs or EDM (Electronic Dance Music) musicians record their own songs with home recording. So actually home recording was no less good with studio recording.

For musicians who have more budget, it could not hurt to choose studio recording, but what if we are beginners in music? Want to create a demo of a song? Do not have much budget?

"Now is the digital era, let's record something digitally, though I prefer analog recording." 

The solution is home recording ... 

This time Music For Your Life will discuss how to make simple home recording studio equipment with low-budget.

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Ok, What are the tools needed to make simple home recording?

1. Computer / Laptop 

Simple home recording studio equipment 2

PC or Laptop is the main tool needed to make Home Recording. Here we need a PC with high specification, no need a high-end PC, but at least have the speed, RAM and hard disk adequate to run the recording software.

Minimum requirements:

- Dual Core Processor or higher
- RAM 2 GB or higher
- Hard disk space 160 GB or more
- VGA 128 MB or higher
- Firewire slot (optional)
- USB 2.0

At least that's the minimum requirements needed. Certainly higher specification would be better.

2. Recording Software 

Next we need software for recording, mixing and mastering.

Simple home recording studio equipment 3

A. DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)

We have a lot of DAW software that we can use for home recording. As :

- Nuendo
- Cubase
- Pro tools
- Sonar

The above software is top DAW software. We can record, mix and master song in one software. But usually I use Wavelab software special for mastering. You can also add the default sound effects of the software, such as, reverb, delay, echo, flanger etc. You can learn DAW tutorials on youtube for more. Many DAW tutorials are there.

B. Digital Instruments software

If you don't have a musical instrument, it needs to be supported with a software instrument. In terms of price is certainly cheaper digital software than buying the original instrument. But in terms of quality of the original musical instrument is better and humane. While the instrument software sounds stiff and robotic, because it uses midi system. In some software there are humanize settings for more human impression.

Here are some digital instrument software that you can use for home recording purposes :

- BFD (Drums)
- Reason (All Instrument)
- Fruity Loops (All Instrument)
- Amplitube (Guitar effect)
- Groove Agent (Drums)
- Tractor (Virtual DJ) etc ...

3. Sound Card 

Simple home recording studio equipment 4

Sound card is a sound converter from analog to digital. For simplicity, at least have 2 inputs and 2 outputs. There are several sound cards that have pre-amp and Phantom power feature for condenser microphone. You can check in e-bay for the price of recording sound card.

4. Studio speakers + Headphones

Simple home recording studio equipment 6

A variety of monitor speakers for recording sold in the market. For a small room, just use a small speaker. Find for speakers that have a frequency range between 35Hz - 20kHz. The difference between the common speakers and the monitor recording speakers is in terms of the frequency of the sound. The recording monitor speakers have a flat sound without any increase in frequency. So, the resulting sound will be as close as possible to the original sound source. While the headphones function is to listen more detail. It should be noted that when you listen to sound through headphones, it will be different sound if you listen through the speakers. That's because of reverb of the room and the distance between your ear and the speakers. So, listen to headphones for more detail editing and final results listen through the speakers.

5. Microphone + Stand mic

Simple home recording studio equipment 7

Choose a condenser type microphone. If you have more budget, buy a pop filters to make the vocals clearer. Professional recording studio also uses a condenser microphone to record vocals and other instruments.

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That's some equipment that must be owned if you want to make simple home recording. You can buy some instruments and audio mixer as support.

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