5 Amazing Health Benefits of Singing

One of the most popular activities is singing. Whether the voice is melodious or not, whether he has the ability to sing or not, people will still love to sing. Singing is a fun activity. Most of us have been singers, even in the bathroom or just singing in the karaoke room.

If you have hobbies and singing habits, then continue the habit. It’s good habit. If you practice regularly, then you will become a professional singer, get a lot of dollars and get famous. It's one of the social benefits of singing for you. If you don’t become a professional singer, it doesn’t mean you have to stop singing. Continue to do your hobby, because singing was very beneficial to our body health. That's why singing is important!

"Actually, singing very well for you in any case, because singing is a form of free expression of the soul"

Health Benefits of Singing

 What is the health benefits of singing?

 Here are 5 health benefits of singing:

1. Singing good for muscles

Singing is a sport for the muscles of the body. When singing, almost all the muscles around the abdomen (diaphragm) will work and this is a very good exercise for upper body muscles. Vocal exercises involve breathing exercises and exercises on the heart and lung muscles.

2. Good for psychological and spiritual

In addition to providing benefits for physical health as mentioned above, singing also has excellent benefits for psychological health and provides spiritual benefits for you. By singing, the feelings will be more relieved, and more excited.

Singing can also be a "friend" that can improve mood. Singing is also an effective way to express what a person is feeling. Usually when sad or upset, people will like to enjoy and sing songs that represent his feelings. And vice versa, while being cheerful and happy, people tend to be reluctant to enjoy and sing sad songs because they feel not in accordance with what he felt at the time. (Read: How to fixany bad mood with music)

3. Reduce stress levels

Singing activities are also proven to generate excitement and reduce stress levels, through the work of our body's endocrine system that deals with feelings of comfort and better. Singing can make feelings better because the release of endorphins throughout the body when we sing. So don’t be surprise, why many people who often sing or karaoke to relieve stress and fatigue.

4. Good for respiratory system

Singing can cleanse the respiratory and sinus systems. Aerobic activity of singing provides positive benefits for the respiratory system. The increased airflow in the upper respiratory tract when we sing will decrease the chances of bacteria to thrive there, so that the respiratory tract will become cleaner and healthier. From this side, singing can also be useful to cut (eliminate) snoring disorder. Wow, all you can do is just singing! Singing out loud! But not in public area. :)

5. Forever young

As we sing, the muscles in the face will attracted and moved. This makes our face becomes more elastic and tight, so it is not easy to wrinkle. This will make us look more youthful. Forever young!

It turns out the incredible benefit of singing. So, if there is someone who is in the spirit of singing, you should never forbid him. As bad as any tone it produces, let it keep singing. Disadvantage of singing is just make some noise that disturb you, if you singing out loud.

Well, for those of you who do not like singing songs, there is no harm in starting this time doing good habits, because singing was very good for our body health. Remember, all you can do is just sing!

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Karen said…
So amazing!! Nice share. Thanks for sharing!!! I'll singing all day
Hahaha... Thx for visit Karen
digitutes said…
Singing is good for health...i love singing

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