How To Write Good Song Lyrics Step by Step

Lyrics are the deciding factor in the success of a song. Where a quality song, depending on quality of their lyrics. The power of a lyric can change mood, attitude, way of thinking, even our behavior. influence of the lyrics are so powerful.

Previously we had discussed about "How to write a song in easy five steps." There's explained about the steps in making a good song. One of those discussed there's in making the lyrics. In this article, Music For Your Life will explain in more depth about How to write good song lyrics

Lately, I see that the trend of music becomes more simple. People prefer to hear easy listening songs, and not elaborate songs, which rely too heavily on music skills. People prefer simple chords, not too much syncopation, and most importantly have simple and easy-to-understand lyrics. Well, we'll start ... 

How to wrige good song lyrics - Music for your life

Writing Song Lyrics Format

1. Define the theme 

This is the most important first part. Define themes for your lyrics, such as love themes (falling in love, broken heart, betrayed, cheated), spiritual, social criticism, unrest, etc. If possible, adjust to the type of music (if you make the music first). But if you make the lyrics first, then you're free to create. This means that music and lyrics are more matching, although it doesn't have to be that way. 

For example: You make a thrash metal song, to be funny if the lyrics are themed love. Although it's fine. I think you're clear enough about the theme of the lyrics. You've imagined the theme of the lyrics you'll make. 

2. Imagine the storyline 

You've defined a theme, then imagine the storyline in the theme. You develop your creative power to make the story line in mind. No need to detail, but the point is. 

For example: You have a relationship with your beloved, at first went well, then your friend betrayed you by taking your beloved. Your relationship is broken. 

The points are: 

- Relationship goes well - Your friend takes your beloved - Your heart is broken 

An example above the main frame of the storyline. Please develop your own. 

If developed: 

- You start getting acquainted with your lover - Having a relationship - Your friend initially has no feelings towards your beloved - The longer, there's a feeling of love towards your beloved - You are 100% betrayed - Your heart is 1000% broken

If you want more easy, make a story line about life stories, about important things in your life. 

3. Start writing 

When you've set a theme, make a story line, then take a piece of paper and start writing. The ability to write lyrics song without music isn't easy, but also not difficult. 

Sometimes we've got a picture in our mind, but our hand feels stiff to write it down. To solve the problem, practice writing as soon as possible after you've got any idea, don't delay. Write them even just any words. 

In writing the lyrics, choose the right words. Selection of these words greatly affect to the overall lyrics. Because the right words can touch the hearts of listeners. 

Define your audience segment. If you want everyone to like your lyrics, make simple lyrics, which everyone can understand. Don't be too poetic, but also don't too much use casual language. Combine it. 

In writing the lyrics, make the climax (core) of the lyrics on the chorus part. Make it your best, describe your feelings. Use right and beautiful words. 

"How Do I live without you ... (So beautiful and meaningful in)"

Arrange well the verses on the lyrics. Determine which parts of the song, chorus, bridge, etc. 

4. Review

Once you've created the lyrics in full, don't forget to check all the lyrics from the beginning. Is there part of the story missing, there's excessive, etc. The important thing is that the lyrics already have a theme, storyline and choice of the right words. The most important is the lyrics are in line with what you expect. 

That's some How to write a song lyrics step by step. Keep writing, develop writing skills. Learn and see the lyrics of viral songs. 

Happy to work!

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