5 Most Influential Rock Bands From UK

Influential Rock Bands from UK – England is a country that produces many legendary musicians. From there the term “Brit Pop or British Pop” originated. Call it The Beatles, The Cure, Rolling Stones and many more famous musicians from there. Their songs can still be heard up to now.


No wonder if the UK became one of the world’s music reference. Many musicians today influence by British musicians.


This time Music For Your Life will discuss about 5 Most Influential Rock Bands From UK.

Most Influential Rock Bands

1. The Beatles

The Beatles - 5 Most Influential Rock Bands From England


Who doesn’t know the band from Liverpool this one. This pop band was very popular in the ’60s, all the youths at the time were very fond of The Beatles. Its popularity isn’t only in England, but also throughout the world. Their popular songs include : Hey Jude, Yesterday, When I saw her standing there, All you need is love and many more.


The band comprises John Lennon (rhythm guitar, vocals), Paul McCartney (bass guitar, vocals), George Harrison (lead guitar, vocals), Ringo Starr (drums, vocals), has produced a dozen Albums, and many became the best-selling album of his time.

2. Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones - 5 Most Influential Rock Bands From England
(The Rolling Stones Ft: Jim Pietryga)

Rock ‘n’ Roll band from London (England) is the king of the Rock ‘n’ Roll band. Most of the Rock ‘n’ Roll bands are now influenced by The Rolling Stones.


With Mick Jagger’s highly energetic style and a very distinctive passage of Keith richard guitar, the band made $ 558,255,524 during “The Rolling Stones A Bigger Bang Tour” which was also the second-highest-grossing concert tour of all time. Wow! 


To date, the band that formed in 1962, has produced 32 video albums, 25 compilation albums, 23 live albums, 30 studio albums.

3. Queen

Queen - 5 Most Influential Rock Bands From England
(Queen Ft: Thomas Steffan)

Who doesn’t know “We will rock you” song? 
Yes, Queen! 
Who doesn’t know? 


Queen is the British Rock band legend from London “England.” The songs covered by many musicians today. During the career Queen has produced many hit singles that make them very loved by fans, such as: We are the champion, We will rock you, Bohemian Rhapsody, Some body to love and many more. 


Therefore, I think Queen deserves to be the most influential British rock band. Not just in England, but also for the world.


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4. Oasis

Oasis - 5 Most Influential Rock Bands From England
(Oasis Ft: Pinterest)

The band formed in 1991 in Manchester, England. The famous band from the ’90s has produced many hits, including: Wonderwall, Do not look back in anger, Champagne supernova, Don’t go away, Stand by me.


Oasis songs represent the feelings and conditions of young people at that time, no wonder if Oasis is very popular with young people.


Until now their songs are still being played on several well-known radios. I always listen to Oasis songs in the morning.

5. Coldplay

Coldplay - 5 Most Influential Rock Bands From England
(Coldplay Ft: Nababan)

Bands that still exist today, also entered into the most influential band from England. You can see, their songs are very often played in café featuring top 40 bands. 


The band has a distinctive feature in their video clips. Always unique, artistic, but has deep meaning in it. In music, no doubt his ability, Coldplay is a hits maker.


Coldplay formed in 1996, won many awards during their career and successfully sold more than 90 millions records.


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That’s the 5 most influential Rock band from UK. Their music style or lyrics can be use as a reference in music.

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