4 Reasons Why You Should Be Able To Play Guitar

4 Reasons Why You Should Be Able To Play Guitar – Guitar is one of musical instrument which is easy to carry and also brings fun and happiness with it. Singing a song together with friend accompanied by this instrument is a pleasure. The player will be the center of attention wherever and whenever they able to manage the atmosphere by his guitar.

Being able to play guitar is looking cool and attractive to everyone who listen and enjoy the music. Ability to play guitar is not merely about music alone, but also it brings some effect to its player. Being able to play guitar generally result to four effects.

4 reasons why you should be able to play guitar - music for your life

4 Benefits Being Able To Play Guitar

This is the reasons why you should be able to play the guitar :

Improves Memory

Able to play guitar improves your memory. In order to play a song, there are some chords which chronologically played to follow the song tone. There could be much patterns in playing the guitar chords. It demands the player has to memorize the chord and the tone simultaneously. Playing instrument, in this case is guitar, using left and right brain in balance.

On one side this is about art, but the other side is about fine calculated rhythm. So, it makes the most part of brain being active and improves the memory better.

Enhance Creativity

Beside that, this ability will enhance your creativity. You could create your own music and song whatever you want it be. The melody and tone are unlimited actually, it proves by all unmeasured songs that ever exist in this world. Whatever the music genre, you will choose is depend on how you explore the tone in your head through the guitar. Sometimes the player is fascinated by the melody that just occur by their own and develops it to be song tone.

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Increase Confidence

The next effect is to boost your confidence and self-esteem. You have talent in music through your guitar play and when you performing on the stage, in front of full audience which watch whatever you do on the stage, it needs certain level of confidence to do it.

Play nice the rhythm of the song with the tone from guitar in front of the audience is not easy, but it should be. It would be messy if you are not ready or even good enough to balance between singer voice and the guitar rhythm. Anyway, the guitar player have to play nice when on the stage and this level of confidence can affect many areas of your life.


The last, it is fun and give you great deep pleasure when you play guitar. Entertain you when feel sad or balance your emotion when you got pressure because of many things that comes to your life. Many great songs occurred because of guitar player could manage and balance their emotion.

Guitar playability is not just about music, four common effects above caused by this ability. It could make better your memory, because the most part of brain is active when playing guitar and could be many pattern in guitar play.

Beside that, this ability to enrich your creativity to create your own song and melody whatever the genre. Then, it makes you more confident, because you play it in front of the audience who watch and listen your guitar play. The more important that is able to play guitar makes you fun and happy. Balance your emotion and entertain you. To cure sad and boredom.

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That’s 4 reasons why you should be able to play guitar. I Hope you motivated to play guitar …

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