The 5 Best Virtual Drum Software for PC

The 5 Best Virtual Drum Software for PC – In this digital era all is easy. For example in making drum beat. You no longer need to go to a recording studio to record drum sounds. Simply sit in front of your PC and start making great beats as you wish. Of course will reduce your budget in making music.

This time Music For Your Life will review about best virtual drum software. Of course it will allow you to create a virtual drum sound, which you can use to create back sound for your YouTube channel, or for your own songs.

The 5 Best Virtual Drum Software for PC

FXpansion BFD

FXpansion BFD is one of the best drum software, because it can connect to your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). So you can add drum instrument to the song you are making easily.

Its sound is realistic, and is widely used by professional music producers. But if you want to use this software, you need a hard disk space of about 55GB, really big, but will be paid if you see from its complete features like a real drum.

This software can be used like a recording studio. FXpansion BFD also delivers quality drum sounds, with a variety of sound samples. And of course it sounds realistic. So, for you who want to create a quality music, I suggest you to use this cool software. BFD is the best virtual drum software.

Here’s the sample :

Steinberg Groove Agent

The next cool software is Groove Agent. Made by Steinberg, which is one of the major software developers engaged in music. Where this software is one of the virtual drum software that presents so many sample groove style. Groove Agent is also one of my favorite virtual drum software.

A blend of unique instruments combined with 3 special rhythm modules. In addition, this software also has more than 22,000 samples in its gallery and 3,800 patterns with a very wide array, and has a special editing tools. Another advantage is this software is easy to use for beginners.

Here’s the sample :

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XLN Audio Additive Drums

Next is XLN Audio Additive Drums. The main features that you will get from this software include drum example, complete drum set, beat variations and many other features.

In addition, you can use this software to record the beat that you made, so you can hear your own song. Moreover the results of the recording have a very clear sound, just like recording using a recording studio.

Here’s the review :

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Toontrack Superior Drummer

If you need software to accompany a song with a drum, you should use this software, the Toontrack Superior Drummer.

Using this software allows you to create and also fill the drum sounds very cool. You can set the tone of the drum to suit the song you want to fill with the drum.

In addition, this software will be suitable for you to use as mixing and recording. More interestingly, this software has earned many awards for the best drum software.

Unfortunately this software will be very difficult for beginners who want to play drums with this software. You need an adjustment to be able to use this software properly.

Here’s the sample :

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Dany’s Virtual Drum

The last best virtual drum software is Dany’s Virtual Drum. This software is suitable for beginners and already professional drummer.

In addition to Drums, there are also other instruments that you can use by using this software. And for you who want to try to make your own music, you can use this software to make a music.

Moreover you can also add your own music to this software, so you can jamming with your favorite songs. But for audio files that you can play, must be OGG format.

Here’s the sample :

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That’s the 5 best virtual drum software for PC, it will certainly facilitate you in making the best beat for your music.

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