The 6 Best Selling Albums of All Time

The 6 Best Selling Albums of All Time – Having best selling albums of all time is certainly a satisfaction for musicians. In addition to making a lot of money, of course, the best selling album is one proof that their work appreciated and liked by many people.

This time Music For Your Life will discuss about the list of best selling albums of all time.

Best Selling Albums of All Time

List of Best Selling Albums of All Time

Here’s the list :

Thriller by Micheal Jackson

The first position on best selling albums of all time held by “KIng of Pop” who died in 2009 ago. Yes, it was Michael Jackson with his album “Thriller.” Who doesn’t know this legendary album?

The album released in 1982, and become the best selling albums of all time in the world. With album sales reaching 66 million copies worldwide. The album is rock genre and R&B, which is also the starting point of Michael Jackson’s career success in the world music scene.

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Back In Black by AC/DC

In second place in the best selling albums of all time is the legendary rock band AC / DC. This Australian band got world attention in 1980, with sales of albums that reached 50 million copies. Album owned by AC / DC with title Back in Black. As one of the top rock bands, the band that has Angus Young personnel is also successfully released several more albums in their era.

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The Dark Side of The Moon by Pink Floyd

Next Musician with the best selling albums of all time is Pink Floyd, with the album The Dark Side of The Moon. The album was recorded in 1972 at the Abbey Road studio, and was released in 1973. The London-based british band successfully sold its album with total sales of up to 45 million copies in just one year. Although often involved in controversy, this progressive rock genre band, successfully became one of the best bands in the world in their golden era.

Bat Out of Hell by Meat Loaf

In the fourth position there is a famous singer from the United States with the song hard rock genre “Meat Loaf.” The man whose real name is Michael Lee Aday successfully gained top popularity at the time of the release of his album titled Bat Out of Hell, released in 1977. The album sold well up to 43 million copies worldwide, and become one of the best albums ever in the world, especially with his position as a soloist.

The Bodyguard by Whitney Houston

Still from the United States, the next position in best selling albums of all time there’s a famous female singer. Whitney Houston with his album The Bodyguard. Album with pop genre and R&B released in 1992, successfully gained huge profits with sales reaching 42 million copies worldwide. This album became the best selling album of all time ever achieved by a female singer. Even Whitney Houston won the award from the Guinness Book Of World Records. As Best Selling Album Of Solo Woman Singer.

The Greatest Hits by Eagles

In the next place, is “The Greatest Hits” Eagle’s album which was released in 1976. The album was successful and sold up to 42 million copies. Although it is no longer active, but the songs from the Eagles can still be heard up to now.

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Those are some of the world’s best selling albums of all time. It may be a reference for you music listeners who want to listen or buy an album with quality songs. Although this album has been around for a while, but this is not a reason for you to not like the songs. Make sure you have it immediately.

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