Angklung | Musical Instrument of Indonesia

Angklung Musical Instrument From Indonesia – At the end of this year, Music For Your Life will discuss about traditional musical instrument from Indonesia, namely Angklung.
Angklung is a musical instrument originated from the province of West Java (Indonesia), which is made of several bamboo with various sizes that combined and assembled to become musical instruments.
Angklung Musical Instrument of Indonesia

How to play angklung?

How to play it is with one hand holding the top of the angklung and the other hand holding the bottom of the other side of the angklung, then wiggle it. This causes the bamboo pipes that make up the angklung collide with each other to produce a certain sound. 
Every single angklung musical instrument, only produces one tone. Different size of angklung, will produce a different tone. Therefore, it takes some angklung players to produce beautiful melodies. An angklung player can play 2 or 3 pieces of angklung musical instrument.
Being in a band and playing one of the musical instruments is the dream of most young people. Especially in this millennial era, so easy for someone to be famous, especially if the person has ability in terms of art. Who doesn’t like good music?
Angklung as a musical instrument began to left aside with  existence of modern musical instruments. Though Angklung is one of the nation’s heritage that must be maintained and preserved by the Indonesian people themselves. To increase the love of angklung, the government made Angklung as one of the subjects in several schools in Indonesia. Not only that, the government even uses the image of Angklung musical instruments in coins (Indonesian Rupiah), so that young people today knows that the Indonesian nation has a musical instrument to be proud of. See also : How to Choose Violin

History of Angklung Musical Instruments

History of Angklung is very important to learn, because by knowing the history behind the creation of Angklung as a musical instrument, can add a sense of awe and pride of the cultural heritage of Indonesia. Let’s see how the beginning of angklung created up to its development today.
In the 12th century until the 16th century, there is the Kingdom of Sunda in Indonesia, it is estimated at that time the beginning of the history of angklung. At that time the people of the Kingdom of Sunda believe that by playing angklung can entertain Nyai Sri PohaciNyai Sri Pohaci is the goddess of prosperity for the people of Sunda Kingdom. Nyai Sri Pohaci captivated by the strains of angklung musical instruments, and she will come down when hearing the sound of the instrument, then make the land of the people become fertile, so that any planted plants will be productive.
In addition to “invite” Nyai Sri Pohaci, Angklung used to raise the spirit of the warrior soldiers. Therefore, in the past the Dutch government (formerly the Dutch had colonized Indonesia) forbade this instrument to played. Strong prohibition from the Dutch government make angklung players diminished.

Name Angklung

The word “Angklung” itself comes from two words from Sundanese, namely “angkleung-angkleung” meaning floating and “klung”which is the sound produced by the instrument. In other words Angklung means the sound “klung” produced by lifting or floating the instrument.
There is another theory which says that angklung comes from 2 words in Balinese language, that is “Angka” meaning tone and “lung” meaning lost. So that angklung can be interpreted as a missing tone.

Development of Angklung

Angklung performances are always there at the harvest celebration as an offering for Nyi Sri Pohaci (Goddess of prosperity). Over time, the angklung show has been made as a parade every time there is a celebration. Even angklung spread not only in Java, but to the whole world. 
In the early 20th century, Thailand adopted the Angklung musical instrument as a cultural mission between Thailand and Indonesia. Even “Angklung Beans Sukaejo” can be found at The Evergreen Stage Collage, a university in the United States. 
“Udjo Ngalagena” who is known as a figure who developed the technique of angklung, teaches how to play angklung in many people. He also built Saung Angklung Udjo in Bandung, Indonesia for more and more people know the history of angklung and everything about it. Now Saung Angklung Udjo become one of the tourist destinations in Bandung, where every visitor can see the process of making an angklung and stage action performed every week.

Types of Angklung

Angklung musical instrument develops and produces several types of new angklung variants, which make angklung musical instrument more diverse. The following are the types of angklung musical instruments:

1. Angklung Kanekes

Angklung Kanekes comes from Baduy (one of the tribes in West Java). The angklung kanekes show is often displayed during the rice planting ceremony. Because of certain rituals when making angklung Kanekes, then only people from baduy tribe who can make this angklung kanekes.

2. Angklung Reog

Angklung that has a characteristic of this loud voice, played to accompany Reog Ponorogo dance (a typical dance of East Java).

3. Angklung Banyuwangi

This Angklung also called “Caruk”in Banyuwangi (a district in East Java) it produces the distinctive tones of Banyuwangi culture.

4. Angklung Bali

While in Bali, angklung resembles “Calung” (a musical instrument made of bamboo) and named “Rindik”.

5. Angklung Dogdog Lojor

Angklung named Dogdog Lojor, because it played in Dogdog Lojor festivalDogodog Lojor itself is an art ritual from South Banten community (one of the areas in the province of Banten, Indonesia) in honor of rice.

6. Angklung Gubrag

Angklung Gubrag originated from Bogor (district in West Java), played to go with rice harvesting event. According to angklung history, this angklung is an old angklung type.

7. Angklung Badeng

Angklung derived from Garut (district in West Java). It used to go with Islāmic lectures.

8. Angklung Buncis

Angklung Buncis used for entertainment art, developed in ​​Baros, Bandung regency.

9. Angklung Badud

Angklung Badud used for celebrating circumcision ceremony, coming from Tasikmalaya area (district in West Java).

10. Angklung Bungko

Angklung Bungko used to bungko dance, dance depicting victory over the war coming from Cirebon (district in West Java).

11. Angklung Padaeng

If angklung generally plays pentatonic tones, angklung Padaeng is capable of playing diatonic tones. Angklung is introduce by “Daeng Soetigna”. Angklung Padaeng who use low tones only called “Angklung Sarinande”.

12. Angklung Toel

Created by “Yayan Udjo”. This Angklung can only played by one player.

13. Angklung Sir Murni

Initiated by “Eko Mursito Budi” for robotic angklung. Angklung is also one of the new variant angklung type.

Angklung in the world

In 2008 there were 11,000 angklung players in Jakarta and 5,000 angklung players in Washington DC, they broke the record at the time. Since November 2010, UNESCO has recorded Angklung as masterpiece Oral Cultural Heritage and Non Human Material. 
At the April 2015 Asia-Africa Conference, 20,704 people gathered together at the Bandung “Siliwangi” Stadium to play “I Will Survive” and “We Are The World” songs by using Angklung instruments. 4,117 of whom are children with special needs. Angklung musical instrument has now expanded, from the beginning only played on the Java Island, now the whole world is familiar with angklung music. 
Such is the complete explanation of the history of angklung until its development at this time.

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