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Basic Singing Tips – The majority of people think that having a good voice is a talent by birth. For people that feel no such talent, it would be pessimistic. Indeed there is also true that good voice is a talent, but that’s not all true. Good singing techniques are important determinants. In this article we will discuss Basic singing tips.

According to music experts, talent is only a small part in success, some don’t assume that talent is a critical success factor. The recipe for success is learning, practicing and developing the potential within him. Include in singing. Although talent is a good starting foundation, but it can’t be denied that practicing vocal techniques also have a very important role.

Actually, practicing singing has been taught parents since baby. Intensional or not, parents generally introduce songs to their children. Especially when going to bed. Then after they can talk, they teach singing. Singing properly can generally begin when the child is 8 years old. Because at that age, the commands that are technical are understandable to the child.

For those of you who want to learn to sing, here are 6 practical steps to be able to sing well and correctly:

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Some Basic Singing Tips

Here are some basic singing tips :

1. Breathing Excercise

First thing in basic singing tips called “Breathing”. Breathing is very important to learn, because breathing well will be very helpful to shaping the sound, also can adjust the length and short of tones. It also can maintain power and vocal stamina.

There are various breathing techniques :

a. Chest Breathing

suitable for low tones.

b. Abdominal Breathing

the air runs out quickly, less suitable for singing, because it will make the singer get tired quickly.

c. Diaphragmatic Breathing

is the most appropriate breathing used to sing, because the air used will be easy to set, have the power and good vocal stability.

How to train breathing in singing?

• Breathe in 8 counts (8 seconds): 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
• Hold breath in 4 counts (4 seconds): 1 2 3 4
• Exhale breath in 8 counts: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 It could also called 8 4 8, for breathing in 8 counts, holding the breath in 4 counts and exhaling in 8 counts.

Do the exercise over and over again. When you exhale, your hiss can be replaced by saying mo or me or mu, etc.

Basic singing tips - Onmusician

2. Intonation

What is Intonation? 

Intonation is a pitch accuracy. To be able to have a good intonation, we should practice with a musical instrument such as a piano or keyboard, so the tone that we play exactly and controlled. If we don’t have the instrument, we can record the sound of the piano on our smartphone, or have many virtual piano applications that we can download. Basic singing tips is so easy right!

Example: We can play C and D and E sequentially in piano or guitar. The playable tones are as follows.

Ascending are Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si Do and Descending are Do Si La Sol Fa Mi Re Do.

3. Rhythm & Tempo

A good singer should learn to master a variety of rhythms or types of musical genres, such as: Chaca, Pop, Waltz and so on.
He must also know the tempo of the song, whether 4/4, 3/4 or 2/4, and must follow the tempo (slow or fast) as needed for the song.

4. Articulation (word pronunciation) 

A singer must master and memorize the lyrics well, also must speak his words clearly and firmly.

To be able to give “soul” to the song, the singer must understand the contents and intentions contained in a song.

There are several practical ways to improve your articulation, by pronouncing the vowel: A I U E O.

5. Vibration Technique

Vibration is a vibrating and wavy form of sound in vocal technique. This vibration is an advanced level. Its function is to sound more melodious and beautiful.

If you want to know the example of vibration, that is when someone laugh out loud, the sound will sound vibrating and wavy. In the technique of singing, the basic form was developed into a technique in singing called vibration.

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6. Attitude of the body

In addition to the things above, there are other things that must also be considered. That is the attitude of the body in singing, both in practice and when we are performing on stage / podium.

Why attitude is very important?

In basic singing tips, attitude is so important because it affects the circulation of breath which is an important element in singing.

This attitude should be practiced, both sitting and standing. At the time of singing the posture should be relax. Relax body intended for maximum sound produced not rigid.

To create a relaxed atmosphere it takes relaxation by means of a light sixes and arranging the breath.

In position while sitting, the position of the waist upwards should be in a state of being the same as the position of the body waist upwards when standing. The position of the body Strapping but still relaxing.

Basic singing tips - Onmusician

Those are some basic singing tips techniques that you can train, if you want to be able to sing well. Don’t be bored to keep practicing, because with great practice, then our voice will be good as time goes by. The character of our voice will be formed by itself. Basic singing tips.


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