3 Best Mood Booster Songs To Lift Up Your Mood

3 Best Mood Booster Songs To Lift Up Your Mood – Everyone must have felt disappointed, whether it’s upset because of work, because of romance, because of social relationships, and many more factors that can make us feel upset.

If you have been upset, of course your heart and mind so uncomfortable while on the move, we end up not being enthusiastic in the day.

Especially if you are upset because of romance, such as breaking up with a boyfriend, cheated, miss someone, and various other love problems. Disappointed because love is a problem that now affects many people, especially with the rise of social media. You will find many statuses about feelings that will even further anger you.

For that, you definitely need a mood booster, to forget a little disappointment, so that the heart and mind can forget it.

3 Best Mood Booster Songs To Lift Up Your Mood

Many kinds of mood booster you can do to make the spirit rise again. One of them is listening to music that can burn back your spirit.

By listening to music, your mood will certainly turn to a more positive direction, of course if you choose a vibrant song.

What kind of spirit-booster song? One of them is a rock song, with the sound of powerful guitar distortion and fast beat will certainly make you more excited.

There are 3 rock songs that have a cool arrangement, so you can make these song as mood booster songs.

What are the songs? Let’s discuss below:

It’s My Life – Bon Jovi

It’s my life, yes .. it describes our real life. This song is perfect for fighting your bad mood.
So energetic with the lyrics that will burn your spirits. I think this song is perfect for people who are heartbroken, so that their mood improves.

Bon Jovi is an expert in making hits songs that last all time. Everyone loves Bon Jovi, the 80s, 90s to the millennium generation.

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Shoot to Thrill – AC/DC

Who does not know AC / DC? Even the layman knows AC / DC. This Australian band is a band that has many fanatical fans all over the world up to now (including myself).

This is because the songs have its own charm, hard, fast, happy, but still cool to be heard. One song “Shoot to Thrill”, this song became the soundtrack of the Iron Man movie, so this old song popular again among young people.

While listening to this song, your spirit will be guarantee to come back alive, accompanied by the presence of strong feelings to deal with all the problems.

Therefore, this song is suitable for listening when you’re upset, especially when You hear with high-quality headphones, will certainly make this song more burn your spirit.

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Learn to Fly – Foo Fighters

You know Foo Fighters? The band was founded by ex-drummer Nirvana (Dave Grohl). This is because Foo Fighters have special songs, despite playing the “Rock” genre, Foo Fighters successfully releases popular songs.

One of them is “Learn to Fly”, which became one of my favorite songs. This song does have arrangement that is very nice to hear and quite easy listening for a rock song. The lyrics are also very inspiring, so when listening to this song, your spirit can be lift up when starting the day. And surely you will smile after hearing this song.

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That’s 3 mood booster songs that really make the mind, mood and our hearts more passionate through the days. The more often you listen to these songs, the more excited your life from day-to-day.

Start a day with something good, then you will get good throughout the day.

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