Black Metal History

Black Metal History – Do you know black metal? If not, then this time Music For Your Life will be a little discuss about black metal history and what is black metal, please read.

Black Metal History
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Black Metal History

The presence of black metal genre is actually almost similar to the death metal genre case. In the beginning “black metal” was just an album released in 1982 by U.K thrash metal band “Venom”. This band incorporates satanic elements into their music. Apparently it will make this album a success and eventually emerge many other bands that carry the flow like on the album. Finally, black metal that has the roots of thrash metal into a new virus in mainland Europe.


Early in its development, black metal used heavy guitar distortions, fast track tempo plus double pedal drum (standard metal attribute) plus growl vocals with a high “base tone” and a few lyrical doses. Other strengths were in the lyrics.

In the early 80’s, among others Venom (UK), Bathory (Sweden) and Celtic Frost (Switzerland). The existence of these bands is known as the first wave of black metal invasion in Europe. The appearance of the second wave in the range of 80s to 90s and the most endemic areas in Norway, such as Darkthrone and Mayhem.

The emergence of black metal was originally a terror because of the many killings and burnings of churches in Europe. It makes sense if this happens because as the rise of black metal that incidentally has satanism, anti-Christianity, occultism, misanthropism and others, then the people who attacked this virus acted anarchist. 

Apart from those actions, black metal remains alive, followed by various controversial acts such as the mutilation of animal heads on a live stage (usually sheep or goats or pigs), suicide cases committed by personnel of Mayhem.

And black metal history continue…

Third wave

The development of black metal continues today and is known as the third wave. This third wave is usually characterized by the use modern effects on each track, such as the use of synthesizers or other digital effects.

Because of this development it is no wonder a one-pieced band like Xasthur (US ) who plays black metal “alone”. Xasthur initially scored 2 Split Albums with Orosius and Acid Enema and gave birth to 4 EP with the last album “Defective Epitaph” (2007). Later, Xasthur launched 2 more Split Albums with Striborg and Cryostasium in the same year.

Another one-piece band example is Burzum (Norway), whose status is now questionable. the concept of one-piece band, there are also two pieces of bands. Examples can be found is Satyricon (Norway) which consists of only 2 permanent members, namely Satyr aka Sigurd Wongraven and Frost aka Kjetil Vidar Haraldstad. Other members follow when they are working on an album or live performance.

In addition to its formation, black metal is also often identified with the use of makeup known as corpsepaint on their faces. Corpsepaint intends to create a corpse image within them, or ideologically they want to express the concept of immortal inhumanity, against the nature of mortals in humans. Corpsepaint is also used in self-declaration as a satanist. Still related to black metal appearance, neo-medieval style is also often used. Marked in black leather and longhandband or handband with spike.


Subgenre derived from black metal is also a variety, there are folk-black metal that prioritizes the use of “beautiful” instruments. Such as violin or the use of certain techniques that are traditional for the Europeans.

Folk-Black example can be heard in the old album Moonspell (Portugal) Another famous subgenre is Melodic-Black Metal which carried by Dimmu Borgir (Norway). It is characterized by a dose of more melodic elements.

Sometimes subgenres used by a black metal band may vary, as did Cradle Of Filth (UK). Although at the beginning of the career of death metal, the band is big and growing in the scope of black metal. And plays more than a subgenre, like Gothic-Black Metal to Symphonic-Black Metal then sometimes called Extreme Metal.

Despite much controversy in it, black metal history still needs to known so as not to get stuck in it .. !!!


Music Character


Quickly in a fast guitar Rhytm, tucked into a vague guitar melody and long changed into Alternate picking and tremolo pick. Distortion plays a lot of Power chords. Tune the guitar exactly like Death metal. In Drop D or Drop C or lower.


Double bass drum is very thin when played, very powerful and sometimes together with Snare Drum blow with explosive style (hard beat). Sometimes we just listen to the bass drum that sounds a second. Sometimes drums can also play very slowly, Depending on the atmosphere of music. There are even times when bands like Burzum or Xasthur often do not use drums in some songs. Some bands use drum machines for better performance.

Song lyrics

The lyrics are dark, the devils are reminiscent of torture, and this has become standard Black Metal bands. Some are sung like symphonies, then Black metal bands named it Symphonic Black Metal. Many are also often sung by men and women like Gregorian symphonies. Often there is an effect on his vocals and make a sound like Atmospher.

Lyrics often take words that smell of demons, idolatry, ancient gods, occult themes that condemn Christianity (Anti-Christ). War-themed lyrics, cold air, darkness, forests, and the natural environment in Europe. Drinking fresh blood makes the sound more hoarse or just as an attribute of the music genre.


Usually the keyboard settings, violins, choirs, and organs resemble the church’s musical suits to mimic the sounds of the cathedral and orchestra that feel cold, vague and sad.


Number of bands with full line-ups, such as Borknagar, Immortal, Emperor, Cradle Of Filth, Gorgoroth, Hellgods, Impish, Ritual Orchestra, Impiety and Dark Funeral play live concerts. The majority of bands want to look as horrible as possible. Most bands paint their faces like corpse (Corpse Paint), and this has become the standard Black Metal music.

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That’s a brief black metal history, hopefully this article can be knowledge for you.

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