influential blues guitarists

Influential Blues Guitarists

Influential Blues Guitarists – Anybody interested in modern music sooner or later asks the question, “Where did it begin?” Well, if you leave blues guitar music out, you will not have much of an answer. So let us look at where the blues came from, where it went and who it met on the way. We will also take a look at the “blues guitar sound” and how it has its unique effect on our feelings.

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best singers of all time - Mick Jagger

The 5 Best Singers of All Time

The 5 Best Singers of All Time – Creating a list of the best singers is not a simple and easy thing to do, especially, the all-time list. We need to do research, mostly the past to find and collect all prominent singers that paint our heart and soul with a beautiful voice and spectacular performance. After that, we need to create many criteria to rate each singer, so that in the end, we complete the list of the 5 best singers of all time.

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