Classical Music for Baby?

Classical Music for Baby – This time we will discuss about the impact of classical music for baby. This is good news for pregnant women. It can also be just an important knowledge for you.

In the second trimester the fetus develops very rapidly, both in terms of size and ability. One of the important capabilities that began to develop in this period is the ability of hearing. Currently, hearing becomes the only channel of communication between the fetus and the outside world. He can feel his surroundings through hearing. And he will begin to react to what he hears. The mother may feel the reaction in the fetal movement in the womb. With the development of the sense of hearing, many people begin to connect between the fetus with music, the point to educate the fetal brain.

classical music for baby

But can classical music really affect the intelligence of the fetus? This opinion is still confusing among the experts, because in fact there is no single study that ensures that music is heard to the fetus is able to make the baby’s brain smarter or make it a genius. “There are no studies on the effects of stimulation before birth on intelligence,  or later development, “says Janet DiPietro, a developmental psychologist who studies fetal development at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. (

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“Intelligence is complex,” said David Baron, head of psychiatry at the University of Temple School of Medicine. Therefore, until now, there has been no evidence that music will directly stimulate the fetal brain. How so? “About 60-80% of a person’s intelligence is genetically inherited,” he explained.

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But, the fetus who used to hear quiet classical music is likely to be a quiet child. He is also easy to sleep soundly. And this deep sleep has something to do with brain development! Just so you know, nerve cells in the brain will grow rapidly when the fetus sleeps. If he is calm, sleep is enough, then the brain development becomes maximal.

“Keeping health during pregnancy can improve the intelligence of the fetus”

It does not hurt to play music since the child in the womb. Other studies have shown that if a pregnant woman is played with certain music, the fetus in the womb will react with movement during the music playing. It shows how happy the fetus is in the womb when listening to music. But you should also know that not all types of music have a positive effect. Research shows that the best type of music to stimulate brain development is classical music.

Why classical music for baby?

Until now the reason is still a debate. There are those who judge the reason is possible because of its regular nature in terms of tempo and tone structure, to give a separate description for the brain. The picture that shows that the world has interconnected lines though it is invisible. The ability to draw the invisible lines makes the difference in intelligence.

Whatever the logical reason behind this, for pregnant women things to do is simple. Although you may not like classical music, there is nothing wrong with playing it to your fetus, so that he gets the best things for his growth. But besides that, you can also listen to opinions from Janet DiPietro, developmental psychologist at Johns Hopkins University, “Play music because you enjoy it, not because you’re trying to make your unborn baby smarter. if you have a pregnancy blahs When a woman relaxes, that’s good for the fetus and that’s an indirect effect of music on the fetus, you can put on some tunes, kick up your heels, or dance around and have fun

” … Play music because you love it, enjoy it, and make you relax. Not because you expect you will give birth to a baby genius.”

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Music makes you calm, even a pleasant sleeping introduction. Sometimes it helps you to be much more calm when faced with hormonal changes in pregnancy. With the calm of pregnant women, and at least risk of stress and tension, then your body is a healthy and comfortable home for your fetus. Dancing and moving the body to music, enjoying comfortable music, giving positive energy to the body that your fetus will absorb. Now you know classical music for baby.


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