Magical Health Benefits of Listening To Music

Magical Health Benefits of Listening To Music – It turns out that music has many amazing health benefits. In addition to relaxing our bodies and minds, it turns out that music has various benefits for other health.

Like my previous article on 5 Amazing Health Benefits of Singing, or 6 Amazing Benefits of Listening to Music. This time we will discuss Magical Health Benefits of Listening To Music.

Magical health benefits of listening to music

4 Health Benefits of Listening To Music

Various studies show the benefits of music to boost immunity to disease treatment. A recent analysis of more than 400 scientific reports even mentions music may be better than a cure for some diseases.

The study, chaired by Professor Daniel K. Levitin of the Department of Psychology at McGill University, analyzed hundreds of studies on how music affects the body. Broadly speaking there are two areas that benefit greatly from music, namely the immune system and mental state in reducing stress. “We found strong evidence that music intervention has important role for health, from operating rooms to family clinics,” Levitin said.

But more importantly, continued Levitin, has found the music-influenced neurochemicals mechanisms give the greatest effect for 4 things, namely mood management, stress, immunity, and social bonding.

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Here are some conclusions:

Music is Better than Drugs

Listening to music is better than drugs to reduce stress before surgery.

More Level of Immunoglobulin A

People who listen to music has an more level of immunoglobulin A, the antibodies present in the mucosal tissues and help prevent infection.

More Natural Cell Killers

People who hear music have immune cells called “natural cell killers” more. So, Immune cells are useful to fight bacteria, infectious cells, and cancer cells.

Reduce Stress

Listening to music can reduce levels of cortisol in the body. Cortisol is a stress hormone that has many negative psychological effects and can lead to obesity.

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It’s amazing Health Benefits of Listening To Music. Therefore there is no harm if you regularly listen to music every day.

Music For Your Life

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  1. I never knew that listening to music actually helps the body reduce cortisol. I just thought that it was stress-relieving because you listen to music that you can personally relate to. Now that I know that it helps mitigate the effects of stress, I’d be sure to spend more time listening to my favorite songs. What’s great is that I bring my fave tunes wherever I go because of the advent of technology. This just makes things a lot easier since the music library is completely digitized. Thanks for the good read!

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