How To Become a Famous Musician (Fast and Easy)

How To Become a Famous Musician (Fast and Easy) – Being a famous musician is every young man’s dream. Who doesn’t want to become famous and rich?

It seems that dream will come true if we focus on one goal. How to become a famous musician fast?

Actually, many ways that we can do to become a top musician. This time we will discuss the stages of “How to become a famous musician in fast way“.

How to become a famous musician fast

How to become a famous musician?

1. Determine your position

Ok, first thing you must to do on how to become a famous musician is to determine your position. Decide whether you will be a soloist, a band, a songwriter, an instrument soloist, a vocal group or even a music producer. This is a very important first step, because it will decide “you are known as what” later.

It takes a little bit … 
Even very little talent … 

To achieve what you want, just decide what you want to be, then study in depth. Learning isn’t necessary with special guidance. Many famous musicians learn music by self-taught. Especially in today’s information is very easy to get.

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2. Learning and Practicing

Next in how to become a famous musician is learning and practicing. When you know what position you want to be, then in knowledge. The source of the knowledge isn’t just from the books or the internet, off-line community you should also to pay attention. Join the local music community, just to hang out and the most important thing is to take knowledge from them. Don’t be shy to ask anything about music to the seniors in the community. For sure they will be happy to share their knowledge if you’re humble.

Practice diligently. You should schedule a routine exercise. It also aims to improve your discipline. You can practice in a music studio, sing at home or just jam session with your colleagues. The key is consistency and focus on goals. Come on! You’ll soon become a famous musician! Stay focus!

Remember one thing, you’re known not only because you’re good-looking or charming, but you must have good musical skill too. Be it technically, the theory and repertoire of songs. Expand to listen to any song for your influence. So you’re a complete package, where it’s liked by everyone. Practice not just about technical music only, try to train your attitude and mentally, so that later you have a star quality.

Remember! when you’re famous, you’ll interact with many people, who like and dislike you, stay humble in every situation. Keep it cool!

3. Create your best song

Next we come to this stage. How to become a famous musician is create great songs. Creating the song isn’t an easy problem, especially if we’re already associated contract labels. Lots of rules / wishes from the producer as well. At that time you’ve deadlines in writing songs. Therefore, before you enter the professional world, practice to write songs as much as possible. So, if you used to writing songs, you’ll easily get inspired from anywhere, because your creative imagination is well-trained.

Actually, if you just want to become famous for your skill, you don’t need to be able to create a song. You can buy songs from your friends, or buy from many sites that sell songs online.

But it never hurts to be able to write your own songs, because later you’ll get royalties from your own song or you can choose to sell it. The point is, you’re a complete musician, which is very well liked by the producers.

4. Record your best song

Once you have the song, then record your song. You can do the recording independently at home or in a professional recording studio, of course to record in professional recording studio you’ve to spend more budget. To efficient budget, you can record your own song at home.

Record at least 5 songs for your demo, which we’ll use for promotional materials.

Record well, because the recording will affect the listener’s interest in your song. Surely it’s also a good selling point.

5. Promote your song

Next on how to become a famous musician is to promote your song. This is the stage that will decide your fate later. You can send your demo song to a music producer (Major label), or you become a producer for your own song on an Independent (Indie label).

If you want to quickly become famous, catch Major label as the main goal. Major labels have a lot of funds, enough to make you famous quickly. They organize all your promotional media, without you having to bother to promote it yourself. Some big label companies like, Sony Music, Universal Music, etc.

Considering the difficulty of joining Major labels, many of the musicians decided to switch to the Indie label. Where they can freely create without thinking of binding rules such as Major labels. But, you have to promote your songs independently. It’s all back to you, whether you want to join with a Major label or popularize independently.

In promoting your song, not only by the way above. There are many ways, such as:

  • Make a simple show
  • Appear on talent show event
  • Share to Social Media
  • Perform at café or music events
  • Send a demo to the radio
  • Create a website, etc.

Those are some tips for you on “How to become a famous musician in fast way.”

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Never give up in realizing your dreams, the key is to focus and consistent. It’s not easy, because everything doesn’t happen instantly. Respect each of your accomplishments, make progress every day. And Congratulations! Enjoy your success! 


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