How To Clean a Guitar Properly

How To Clean a Guitar Properly – Everyone loves guitar, because it has a melodious voice. Therefore many have it. Besides being portable, the guitar is also easy to play.

If treated properly, the guitar can have a serious financial value to its owner. For example Jimmy Hendrix’s 1986 Stratocaster used for his appearance at Woodstock in 1969, sold for $ 2 million. While the average Hendrix’s Stratocaster guitar is not that expensive. This is also because of its history and the figure of guitar legend who played it.

How to clean a guitar properly

Most have great sentimental value and have a historical aspect. So many guitar owners who insure their guitars, to avoid damage and others. Meanwhile, some simple precautions will help protect your guitar from damage.

Here we will give you some tips How to clean a guitar properly.

How To Clean a Guitar?

First thing you must to do is recognize your guitar. Take a look at the material on your guitar. You should find out to the music store that sells your guitar. Or find out in the catalog or expert musicians.

My advice, make sure before buying the guitar, you know the detail and the specifications of your guitar material that you will to buy. If you already know it, then you will be easy to know how to clean a guitar properly.

Buy a cleaner that matches for your guitar material. Polish and clean the top, bottom and side of the instrument. Usually routine about once a week.

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Regular cleaning with proper cleansers will protect the wood and to look less dull. Similarly a proper metal cleaner will protect the fretboard and other metal parts on the guitar. Don’t forget to use a toothbrush to clean the fretboard and other metal material parts.

Once played, whether for practice or after the show, don’t forget to clean your guitar with a soft cloth. Because usually we will leave the sweat, especially on the fretboard part of the guitar.

Sweat has salt and it’s not good for metals. Therefore, you should immediately dry your guitar with a material that absorbs sweat after it’s played.

In the tuning pegs, way of treatment is to give lubricants. About every 2 weeks. This aims to avoid jams when we set the guitar.

Keep it save

In storing the guitar, you should keep it at room temperature. Don’t be too hot or cold. Avoid exposure to water or rain.

Keep your guitar using guitar hard case. It also aims to protect your guitar from dust or other impurities. Also avoid unwanted collisions. Don’t forget about that, it’s important way in how to clean a guitar.

Avoid storing guitars in crowded places or often bypassed people. Especially if you have a child at home. Many incidents are caused by a knock when people pass by. I’ve experienced it. My guitar body became blistered and not beautiful when viewed. Surely you don’t want your favorite guitar injury isn’t it?

If you want to display your guitar, be sure to put on the guitar stand. Because the guitar stand has indeed been specially designed to put the guitar. Never lean the guitar against the wall. Very often the incident of the guitar falls as it is propped against the wall.

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But if your guitar has been damaged, like, body blisters, broken guitar neck or electrical problems, you should immediately take it to the guitar repair place. Or come and consult to your music store. Usually the music shop keeper has a solution or reference about guitar repair.

With good guitar conditions, it would be comfortable to play and good to look at. If you intend to sell it, of course the condition of the guitar will affect the selling price. Therefore, take good care of your guitar.

An old guitarist once said to me, “Take care of your guitar, because when the guitar gets older, the more melodious the sound is.”


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