Lola Astanova: Beautifully Gifted Pianist

Lola Astanova: Beautifully Gifted Pianist – Maybe her name sounds strange to you, let’s get to know her more. Lola Astanova is a pianist born in Uzbekistan 32 years ago. Her talent has been seen since she was a child. At the age of six, Lola was taught to play the piano by her mother who works as a music teacher. Soon Lola gained knowledge from a piano professor Tamara Povopich.

lola astanova

Not wasting his talent, Lola learns about harmony and counterpoint with Professor Mark Rusak. And learns about piano performance with Lev Naumov. When the age of eight, Lola first appeared and immediately get recognition from the music lovers.

The gate of success was achieved by Lola in 2007, when she moved to the United States. And starred in the Neiman Marcus Classical Superstar Fantasy Concert. After that in 2012 she performed for the first time at Carnegie Hall.

Her ability in music attracted attention of many people, until finally she has thousands of fans. There are other unique things from Lola Astanova that make her fans love her more. She also likes pop music, as well as classical music that she has learned since childhood. Also her appearance when playing the piano that always look sexy, to make audiences fascinated.

Through the videos he uploaded, many people began to recognize the music of Lizt, Chopin and Rachmaninoff and then fell in love with their music.

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Lola performs from one stage to another after her début at Carnegie Hall, in one of her performances, Lola has even collaborated with the All-Star Orchestra (one of the most famous orchestras in the United States).

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Besides a talented pianist, Lola is also a philanthropist. She has helped to collect funds to help research on cancer, commemorating the 9/11 incident in New York, as well as spurring her fans to support local music and innovate in the field of education.

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