Most Expensive Instrument In The World Ever Sold

Most Expensive Instrument In The World Ever Sold – If we talk musical instrument was not only discuss about the beauty of sounds and instruments only. Believe it or not, there are some musical instruments that sell the same price with the price of 100 units of sports cars. Because it is no wonder then this instrument becomes one of the most expensive musical instrument in the world. Maybe it will be difficult to resolve his record in the future.

Most Expensive Instrument In The World

This time Music For Your Life will discuss about most expensive in the world ever sold. Here is Top 2 Most Expensive Instrument In The World :

Most expensive instrument in the world ever sold

Stradiviarus Violin

At the time of his last auction, stradiviarus violin was offered at a price of $ 45 million … wow. It’s really a fantastic price for a musical instrument like a violin. For those of you who want to know who owns it, he is Philip Inc, a Dutch electrical company. The company bought stradiviarus violin for 81,000 US dollars in 1964, after which the company was about to sell it again some time later. Therefore, Stradiviarus is most expensive violin ever.

You need to know, Macdonald Stradiviarus Violin is the last series of 10 rare stradiviarus violin still owned by individuals. Another series of violins has been secured by the Italian government as a historical object.

Stradiviarus violin was made by an Italian music instrument craftsman named “Antonio Stradiviarus.” The stradiviarus name behind the instrument is also taken from his last name. Antonio Stradiviarus made this violin in 1719.

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Duport Cello

The second place of Most Expensive Instrument In The World is Cello’s music instrument. Precisely named Duport Cello, sold for $ 20 million at its last auction. You need to know, actually Duport Cello also made by Antonio Stradiviarus the same thing as Stradivarius Violin. It’s just that because this cello instrument was formerly owned by a noble musician, the name Stradiviarus began to loose.

You need to know, the owner of this cello before was Jean Louis Duport who is a French nobleman, that’s why this most expensive cello named Duport Cello, according to the owner.

Jean Louis Duport lived as a noble musician in the glory of Napoleon Bonaparte. He is often called by Napoleon as an impromptu music player at his residence. One day Duport gave this cello to be play by Napoleon. But because Napoleon is too rush, this Cello also had a chance to knock it and make it slightly defective on the sides. However, precisely because the crack on the side of this cello became one of the reasons why this Duport Cello became the most expensive instrument in the world. And most expensive Cello ever.

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How not, who caused the defect in this Duport Cello is one of the great leaders of the world Napoleon Bonaparte. Of course, this historical value can not be exchange for money in any nominal amount. In the modern era, Duport Cello owned by Mstislav Rostropovich. This man bought it in 1974 until he died in 2007.

Nippon Music Foundation

At the time of the auction Nippon Music Foundation bought this musical instrument for 20 million US dollars. Duport Cello is now an exotic display at the Nippon Music Foundation which is located in Japan.

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This is the information we can convey about the most expensive instrument in the world ever sold. You need to know that the sound quality is no longer the thing that becomes the main benchmark in the pricing of the musical instrument, but the historical element of the instrument itself.

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