Music For Wellbeing

Music For Wellbeing – Who doesn’t love music? It can transform your mood within seconds, remind you of happier times, and wash away everyday stress. Medical researchers have found that listening to music can reduce pain and stress levels, and lower blood pressure.

Music for wellbeing

So, how can you incorporate music into your wellness routine?

1. Music and massage

Music makes a wonderful accompaniment to a massage treatment. It’s easy to fit a combined music and massage session into your day. For example, you could play some relaxing music while treating yourself to a ten-minute head massage every evening.

When getting a professional massage, your therapist may ask whether you want them to play music as they work. Spa therapists also use music to create a relaxed ambience when giving facials, aromatherapy, and other treatments. If you have a favorite track that always makes you feel good, ask them to play it.

2. Meditation

Meditation is all about training yourself to focus on the present. If you’ve ever tried to sit still in total silence, you’ll know that this is easier said than done. Instrumental music can provide you with a focal point and stop your mind wandering.

Traditionally, people have meditated with no background noise. However, music-based meditation can be a good transition to traditional practice. Sit still in a quiet room, and play a soothing instrumental album.

Approach the music as though listening for the first time. Notice the effect it has on your body. Notice how the rhythm and volume changes, and the emotions it triggers within you.

3. Self-expression

Listening to music is a wonderful way to improve your wellbeing, but so is creating it. You don’t need any special talent to benefit from playing a musical instrument. Picking out a simple tune on the piano or making a satisfyingly loud noise on a harmonica can relieve tension. Singing along is another option.

4. Music and working out

Everyone knows that exercise is important for good health, but getting started can be difficult. If you are low in motivation, turn on some energizing music. Any song or track with a fast tempo will encourage you to get moving.

When you can’t face the gym and don’t want to go outside for a run or walk, why not dance instead? Stick on some music and dance around your living room for half an hour. Your mood will improve within minutes, and you’ll burn off some calories at the same time.

5. Pain relief

Music therapy has been shown to reduce pain and anxiety in people undergoing dental and medical treatments. The next time you go to the dentist or have a medical procedure, try listening to music beforehand.

If you have a long-term medical condition, music therapy could be a wonderful addition to your wellness routine. Listening to classic music at 60-80 beats per minute helps ease chronic pain.

Research has proven that music has a powerful role to play in maintaining health. It’s an effortless, free, portable, and completely safe way of promoting physical and mental wellbeing. Why not put together a new playlist of your favorite tracks today?

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