Music Genres and Famous Musicians

Music Genres and Famous Musicians – Music is something that has become a necessity in various moments. From weddings, movie sound tracks, to various other formal events. Even music is a must in a movie as a generator of emotions and atmosphere.

Therefore, this time Music For Your Life will discuss the music genre and famous musicians.

For the grouping of music in its genre, we can see from the resemblance of one type of music to the other. So a genre can be interpreted as a technique of music, style, context, lyrics, until the theme of the music itself.

Until now there have been many genres of music in the world, as well as development of existing genres. Of course the music genre has its own fans.

Music Genres and Characteristics

Music Genres and Famous Musicians - Music For Your Life

Classical Music

This music genre is very close to the composers such as Mozart and Beethoven, which we have often heard his songs on movies and cartoons. Classical music itself is very closely with the traditions of western art, Christian music, and orchestral music.


This genre evolved from combination of blues genre, ragtime, and European music. Born in the United States. For more details, you can read Jazz Music History.


This genre usually uses a piano or Hammond organ, but vocals will dominate with religious lyrics nuances.


Afro-American society is the origin of this genre, no wonder the development occurred very rapidly in West Africa.

Rhythm and Blues

This type of genre is usually called the traditional music of Afro-American society.


This genre has a strong element with music in African-American dances, so the atmosphere in this music is a joy. This music genre is also still close to the Jazz.


The music genre is also known as EDM (Electronic Dance Music), which uses added electric instruments, such as DJ Turn Table.

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This music genre is development of Rock ‘n’ Roll. It is not clear who originally popularized Rock music, but from some sources said that the first popularized Rock was The Tielman Brothers around the 1950s.


Not much different from Rock music, this genre is louder because it has vocal characters such as scream, pig squel, and growl. And heavy guitar distortion, and the dominant double pedal drum technique.

Ska, Reggae, Dub

Ska comes from combination of R & B music along traditional Jamaican music, and grows to become Reggae and Dub. For more detail you can read Best Ska Bands of All Time.

Hip Hop, Rap

This music genre include as a derivative of the R & B music genre. His trademark is to sing the lyrics quickly.


This is one of the most famous genres and everywhere. Due to the popularity of music genres, Pop is always combine with various gene, such as Pop Rock, Pop Punk, Pop Alternative, etc.


This music genre is very close to Latin American music, to the music that is often played in Mexico, Caribbean, South America, and Central America.


This genre influenced from the Blues, to grow and develop from the white American culture. Slow tempo, many use the major tones, and not to miss the sound of Steel Guitar that flows.

Famous Musicians of each Music Genres

Of course from the music genres above, has many popular musicians and bring up the genre. Among the characters you may know are Ludwig van Beethoven for classical music, Michael Jackson for Pop music, Bob Marley for reggae music, Louis Armstrong and Miles Davis for Jazz music, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix and Rory Gallagher for Blues music , as well as other musicians.

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That is a brief explanation of the Music Genres and Famous Musicians.

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