The Relationship Between Music Preference and Personality Type

The Relationship Between Music Preference and Personality Type – It’s been a long time since music has always been associated with the psychology of its listeners. Even some studies find that the genre of music that someone likes, will affect his personality.

Is that true?

The Relationship Between Music Preference and Personality Type

Music Preference

One study conducted by Professor Adrian North of Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK. North is a music psychologist. Over the past three years, as reported by Psych Central, North has conducted a survey of more than 36,000 people from 60 countries with different musical tastes. Then the music preference is connected with some personality aspects of the respondents.

The result is surprising. It turns out that a particular music genre represents most of a person’s character type.

Personality Type

Here’s a summary of music preference and personality type¬†:

Top 40

Like the light pop songs that always go Top 40 charts. Perhaps you belong to this one personality type: hardworking, sociable, soft, and loving self. But unfortunately you do not really have a creative soul and often difficult to think relaxed.


Rap songs are famous for their straightforward lyrics and dynamic music. If you like to listening to music by rapper’s like Eminem and Timbaland, then you are a sociable and prideful person.


If you are a fan of jazz music, then you belong to a group with creative people who are self-respecting, outgoing and relaxed.

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Blues music lovers generally have the following five characteristics: creative, self-love (not narcissistic), sociable, and easygoing in solving many things.


The dance floor music that is currently dominating the music industry, such as Lady Gaga songs. In accordance with the rhythm of his stomping and uplifting, this music is usually chosen by people who like to interact and have high creativity. But usually the dance floor music enthusiasts are also less gentle, more straightforward.


Usually rock music is associated with violence, depression, drugs, and other negative things. But do you know, beyond the stereotypes think about rock music, according to North survey results, rock music lovers actually have a fairly sensitive personality.

They generally have a creative and relaxed soul, but have a low self-esteem, a lack of hard work, and a little difficult to socialize.

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Apparently listening to classical music by famous maestro, like Beethoven, Bach, and Mozart, it does not mean you have a taste of music that looks like an old man.

According to the results of this study, the fans of classical music is a person who has high self-esteem and creative. But it is a bit introverted or closed to the surrounding environment.


Reggae, the music popularized by Bob Marley is synonymous with Jamaica and the free lifestyle. The fans of this music genre generally have high creativity, sensitive, relaxed, and easy to socialize. But they are also relaxed in life.

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Country music is often associated with western lifestyle. These music lovers are usually hardworking and sociable people.


Indie music is typically non-mainstream. Independent music lovers like this usually have high (and different) creativity. But they also have a relatively low self-respect, not too hardworking, and less sensitive.

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That is The Relationship Between Music Preference and Personality Type, in accordance with the results of research Prof. Adrian North. Which type are you?

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