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Our List of Original Metal Bands‍

Heavy metal is an extremely broad genre. It incorporates many different subgenres and has been around for almost as long as rock music has existed. There are so many bands that have come to prominence in the world of heavy metal, and there are even more still out there that we don’t know about yet. To make it easier for you to find the right band for your listening tastes, we have put together this list of our favorite original heavy metal bands. Each of these acts brings something special to the table with their music, and they all take inspiration from past groups while adding their own spin on things. If you’re a fan of heavy metal bands and want to discover some new ones, this article will help you out.


First up on our list is Beartooth. This band has been active since 2011, and they play a mix of nu-metal and hardcore punk. In terms of their sound, they’re similar to bands like Limp Bizkit, Korn, and Linkin Park. Their music has been described as intense and powerful, and it’s been praised for its honesty and sincere lyrics. Beartooth’s two studio albums are Disgusting and Disease and both have been commercially successful. Band members include Caleb Shomo, Cody Reynolds, Oshie Bichar, and Taylor Rich.

Black Sabbath

Next up on our list is the heavy metal band Black Sabbath. This group formed in Birmingham, England in 1968, and they’ve been around ever since. They are regarded as the creators of doom metal, and they’re one of the most influential bands in the history of rock and metal. Many of today’s top bands cite Black Sabbath as an influence, including Metallica, Iron Maiden, and Judas Priest. Black Sabbath’s lineup has changed frequently over the years, but the original members, Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, and Bill Ward, are still with the band.

Bullet for My Valentine

Third on our list is Bullet for My Valentine. This band was formed in 2000, and they play a blend of metalcore and alternative metal. They’re somewhat similar to bands like Bring Me the Horizon and Asking Alexandria, though they have their own unique sound as well. Bullet for My Valentine’s music is aggressive and dramatic, and their lyrics explore themes like love and loss. The group’s first two albums ,The Poison and The New Order, are very successful, and they have a dedicated fanbase. Over the years, lead vocalist and guitarist Matt Tuck has been the only consistent member of Bullet for My Valentine.

Cannibal Corpse

Next up on our list is Cannibal Corpse. This band has been around since 1988, and they play a very distinct style of death metal. Their music is extremely aggressive, and their lyrics are extremely graphic. Cannibal Corpse is known for their macabre imagery, as well as their frequent use of extremely disturbing subject matter. The group has been involved in several controversies, including a lawsuit filed by the Parents Music Resource Center. Cannibal Corpse’s lineup has changed several times over the years, but the original members, Rob Barrett, Paul Mazak, Alex Webster, and George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher, are still with the band.


Next on our list is the band Creeper. This British rock group was formed in 2014, and they play a very melodic style of heavy metal. Creeper’s music is often compared to that of Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath, and they’ve been praised for their theatrical and atmospheric sound. Their debut album, The Silence, was released in 2018, and it was met with critical acclaim. Creeper’s lineup is made up of lead vocalist Will Gould, guitarists Rory Lovelace and James Jackson, bassist Kevin Dallimore, and drummer Dan Robson.


Slipknot is another very well-known heavy metal band. This group was formed in 1995 and plays a style of metal that incorporates elements of hardcore punk, alternative metal, grindcore, and industrial music. Their aggressive sound is highly visual, and the members of the band are known for wearing very elaborate costumes while on tour. Slipknot’s lineup has changed a few times over the years, but the core group consists of Sid Wilson, Shawn Crahan, Corey Taylor, James Root, Mick Thomson, and Paul Gray.

Sum 41

Next on our list is Sum 41. This band was formed in 1995, and they play a style of punk rock that incorporates elements of heavy metal. Sum 41’s music is fast and aggressive, and their lyrics explore themes like alienation and rebellion. The Canadian group’s lineup has changed many times over the years, but the current members are Deryck Whibley, Frank Zummo, Tom Thacker, and Jason Barret. The band has released seven studio albums, and their most recent record, Order In the Chaos, came out in 2018.


This brings our list to an end. We hope you enjoyed reading about our favorite original heavy metal bands and discovered some new music along the way. If you’re a fan of this genre and want to discover new bands, this article will help you out. From death metal to alternative metal, these are the best original heavy metal bands of all time.