Most Phenomenal Music Festival Tragedy

Most Phenomenal Music Festival Tragedy – Music festival is a big party that usually features some music artists either band, singer or orchestra. At a music festival does not always go well as planned. There are many phenomenal events that became a separate history in a music festival. The most memorable thing is the incident or tragedy in the music festival that gives bad impact in the music world.

5 Unforgettable Phenomenal Music Festival Tragedy

There are several festivals which are tragic tragedies throughout music history. Such as shooting incidents, bombings, riot spectators until mutual stampede between spectators. Worse in a festival that intend to entertain, but instead became a horrible bloody tragedy.

most phenomenal music festival tragedy

1. The most historic shooting case in Las Vegas.

There were 200 people injured and 50 people dead. And Made this shooting incident the most deadly mass shooting in history. The incident occurred near the hotel and casino of Mandala Bay, Nevada, Las Vegas. The incident happened at a country music festival in Las Vegas.

The shot direction is allegedly from the 32nd floor of the Mandala Bay hotel. One witness said he heard 100 shots. The suspect was a 64-year-old man, his name “Stephen Paddock.” Police said the attack based on its own initiative without linking to any militant.

2. The shooting of Dimebag Darrell

The shooting that occurred on December 8, 2004 killed one of the former guitarist Pantera band, this shooting took place on stage by a man named Nathan Gale.

Dimebag was buried at Moore Memorial Gardens Cemetery, Arlington, Texas. He was buried right beside his mother’s grave, and buried inside the KISS band’s coffin (Kiss Kasket). In addition, Eddie Van Halen’s “Bumblebee” guitar was also buried with Darrell’s body.

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3. Bomb in the Ariana Grande concert

This incident occurred on 22 May 2015 in Arena, Manchester, England. The Bomb exploded killing 19 people and 50 of them were badly injured. From witnesses who saw the incident, he saw pieces of human body scattered everywhere, very terrible. The bomb exploded as the singer would leave the stage.

4. Woodstock riots ’99

Woodstocks incident occurred in 1999 for three days in Rome, New York. This incident event motivated by weather and logistics conditions, also some food sold expensive in this place, ATM machines raided thieves, flooded toilets due to puddles from the pipes that hit the audience. Not only that there is also a burning action everywhere, with total of 1200 people injured. The police tried to secure the chaos of the chaotic audience.

5. Pearl Jam – Roskilde

The music festival was held in Roskilde, Denmark on 30 June 2000 attended by Pearl Jam personnel. This incident killed 9 spectators. Cause of the incident was due to the chaos of the audience, until jostling and finally stepped on each other because of the unrestrained audience.

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From some of the above events give lessons for us, and especially music lovers to understand and keep the meaning of the music itself. Music is a part of art by musicians creativity, with a purpose to entertaining. Do not get taint by misleading extremes.

So, think when you deal with music festival events, whether if you as an organizer or the audiences, then give maximum results with good event management. And if you as a spectator, try to obey the rules that exist at the event.

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