Positive Effects of Rock Music

Positive Effects of Rock Music – Most of us do not seem to like, or even do not like rock music at all. For those who do not understand, rock music is considered disturbing the ears because the voice is fairly loud and noisy. However, do we know there is a positive effect of rock music?

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Positive Effects of Rock Music

Positive Effects of Rock Music

Here are some of the positive effects of rock music, which is good for us:


A study at the University of Manchester, England, found that the greater sound produced by the music we hear, the greater pleasure that will come from us. This happens because the investment system, which is responsible for balance and also causes vibration. When sound waves are sent, positive messages are also sent to the brain.

Neil Todd, a researcher also believes that it is the influence of our primitive acoustic senses connected to basic desires, such as hunger and s*x.

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Improve Memory

Apparently positive effects of rock music on the brain is able to improve memory. In addition, other studies have shown, when receiving a wave generated by a high-pitched electric guitar sound, the wave is passed to the memory center. It will then train the sharpness of one’s thinking and improve his memory.

Mood Booster

The positive effect of listening to rock music is to improve mood. Hearing this rock music can stabilize the mood. Especially for teens who suffer from depression. By listening to it, feelings of sadness or anger can be excited. The teenager can be more relaxed or calm to live his life. But, parental supervision here is necessary, when hearing this music even make the mood of the child down, you should not allow children to hear this music.

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That’s an article about the positive effects of rock music. Well, after knowing some of its positive effects for our lives, now start to listen to rock music.


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