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Prince was The Real Prince of R & B‍

There is a fine line between genius and madness. That line often exists only in the eye of the beholder, who is usually an artist. From time to time, however, a person soars above and beyond anyone else’s imagination because they are ahead of their time. There have been many great artists throughout history whose work was not fully understood at the time but can now be seen for its brilliance. Prince was one of those rare individuals that existed on an entirely different level than anyone else. He set the bar so high with his music that no one has matched him since he left us too soon in 2016 at just age 57. If you listen carefully, you can hear a whisper in every Prince album; a quiet voice that says something will come after this, something even more brilliant and pure. This article covers 25 reasons why Prince was The Real Prince of R & B.

He was so far ahead of his time.

Prince’s music has been influencing singers, musicians and pop culture since the 1980s. It’s impossible to listen to his songs and not hear the mark he left. The man was almost 20 years ahead of his time musically. When he broke into the music scene in the late 1970s, he was a child prodigy. He seemed to be able to do anything on the guitar. Prince’s former bandmate, Wendy Melvoin, said Prince could “play every instrument inside out”. When Prince’s first album came out in 1978, he was just 21 years old, and it contained 2 hit singles, “Soft and Wet” and “Just as Long as We’re Together”. He was an R & B singer with a funky style and soulful voice who played guitar and had a young sound.

Purple Rain

His voice was beyond perfection.

One of the most distinctive voices ever heard in the history of recorded music belonged to Prince. It was soft and sensual, yet powerful and bold all at once. His tone was smooth and silky, a combination of pure velvet and silk. Any singer can try to imitate the style and sound of Prince, but they will never capture his perfection because no one else has his voice. No one can emulate his vocal style because it was utterly and completely his own. He was a master at creating his own sound, pitch, style and tone.

He wrote his own songs and played multiple instruments.

What truly separated Prince from other singers is that he wrote his own material. He wasn’t just a singer who wrote a song here and there, he wrote enough songs for an entire album. He was the songwriter, lead performer, background vocalist and producer. He didn’t just have musical chops, he had a prolific level of output that few could equal. For example, he wrote and recorded an entire album in one week. He also created music and lyrics for other artists such as Chaka Khan, Stevie Nicks and Sinead O’Connor.

He created his own genre of music, “Funk Rock”.

Prince is credited with creating his own genre of music called “Funk Rock”. He took the traditional elements of rock music that were popular in the 70s and fused them with a modern funk sound. The musical style he created was a bridge between R & B, pop music and rock. Funk rock is a very specific type of music composed of elements from R & B, rock and pop that came out of the late 70s. Artists like Prince and the Talking Heads were responsible for the creation of Funk Rock. It’s a music genre that fuses elements from Rock and R & B and was popular in the 70s.

His songs were full of meaning and depth.

Prince wrote about many things, but two themes dominated his work, relationships and spirituality. He wrote about romance, heartbreak, sexual desire, infatuation, and unrequited love. He also wrote about sad things like abuse and suicide. His songs were full of meaning and depth that sometimes came out of nowhere with an unexpected twist. That’s what art is supposed to do, make you think, ponder and analyze. His lyrics were poetic and filled with symbolism. They could also be funny, silly and clever. His songs have messages that transcend time and have become timeless classics that will be played and loved for generations to come.

His lyrics were poetry and prose set to music.

Prince was a master wordsmith who turned poetry and prose into music. He had a way of writing lyrics that were deep, meaningful and insightful. His songs had double meanings that could be interpreted in more than one way. They had layers that could be peeled back with each listening experience. His songs were filled with symbolism and hidden meanings. The lyrics were often written in a cryptic way that only makes sense once you understand what he was trying to say. He skillfully used words and phrases in a way that created a vivid picture in your mind.