Rock Music with Phenomenal Figures

Rock Music with Phenomenal Figures – Who doesn’t know with this music genre? With all the things like style, fashion, and language. Who doesn’t know “Rock ‘n’ Roll.” This genre already has many loyal fans, not only the musicians who love this genre, but also the fans or connoisseurs of the music.

Rock Music History

Rock ‘n’ Roll genre has long been in the music world. Even for now, this genre can make a subgenre, one of which is “Rock.” Although the this genre comes from the United States, but the top musicians not only from that country, in other countries also have many cool rock musician. Call it Queen, Helloween, Iron Maiden and U2.

At first, Rock music is a genre of music that originated from the United States, then became popular and spread all over the world. So with all the innovations and breakthroughs that happened, Rock music created many new subgenres. Not only popular, but this music genre is also one of the genres with the most fans.

Over time, rock music can lead to a very big change, not only in the music world, but also in social community. The emergence of the rock lifestyle thus affecting the way of dressing, the way of language, to the way of behavior that reflects this genre. So, no wonder that today many brands of clothes, shoe brands to rock-themed hangout places.

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Phenomenal Figures of Rock Music

Rock music popularity of course not be separated by the struggle of musicians who raise it. Their names will always be remembered, even when they are gone, or at least their music will always be there to be played and heard. The history of rock music has been filled by many prominent figures or musicians, including:

• James Alan Hetfield

Rock Music with Phenomeal Figures
Image : Metallica – wikipedia

A major songwriter in the most famous rock band, “Metallica.” James Alan Hetfield is the founder, guitar rhythmist, and band vocalist who is not only popular, but also talented. Even with his genius, he made Metallica get the title of The King Of Heavy / Thrash Metal. Metallica that still exist until now, became one of the influences for newcomer bands.

• Axl Rose

sloe rock music invasion - music for your life

Who does not know Guns N ‘Roses? Remember November Rain? Or Sweet Child ‘o Mine? The song is timeless until now. William Bruce Bailey (Axl Rose) is the founder and leader of the band, and also acts as the creator and songwriter.

One of the amazing things, he can change his voice up to 3 times while singing. Of course with the typical style of singing while running on the stage. But unfortunately, besides his stunning talent, he is a man of strong character, so according to the dispersed issue, this is why Guns N’ Roses broke up.

• Kurt Donald Cobain

Rock Music with Phenomenal figures
Image : Kurt Cobain – wikipedia

Is a songwriter, singer, and guitarist of the band Nirvana. He is also a talented Rock musician. Together with Nirvana, he successfully developed the Rock Alternative music genre named “Grunge / Seattle Sound”.

The songs he created-were very good and made great changes in the music world. But unfortunately on April 8, 1994, Kurt Cobain found dead suicide at his home. Previously he had problems with drugs, to be put in rehab.

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That’s some of the phenomenal Rock Music figures. Although there are still many who play an important role for the progress of this music, but we will discuss later. Hope this information can inspire you to love rock music more, or Do you want to be a Rocker?

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