Song For Every Situation

song for every situation
Song for Every Situation – It’s great to live in peace, calm, and away from trouble. But there are times when we experience stress, a problem that always comes. It seems unavoidable. So listen to the right song for the right situation. Because the music proved effective to cool our mind and our mood. This time Music For Your Life will discuss about the song that is suitable to be heard in every situation. Listen to the right song at the right time. “Song for every situation.”
In a previous article, I once discussed “How to fix any bad mood with music.” This time I will discuss more detail about songs that are suitable to be heard in every situation, called “Music for every situation“.


Have you ever felt sad?
Losing someone you love, will certainly make you feel crushed, not easy to eliminating feelings of sadness . But it doesn’t feel good either if we grieve too long. If you want to get rid of the sadness, then listen to up beat music, fast tempo and cheerful.
I have some reference songs that you must listen to, to improve your mood quickly. Among others :
1. Bon Jovi – It’s my life
2. Owl City – Good time
3. Venga Boyz – Boom, boom, boom, boom
4. James Brown – I feel good
5. The Beatles – Ob-la-di Ob-la-da
All the songs above are very effective at least to reduce our sadness.
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Falling In Love

Yeah, surely you all have experienced falling in love for the first time. It can’t be expressed in words. Feelings that make us always smile, always happy … Oh … So beautiful …
So, listening to romantic songs will make you fly more.
Below is a list of cool songs that are listened to when you fall in love. Among others :
1. Paramore – The only exception
2. Leann Rimes – How do I live
3. David Gray – This year’s love
4. Norah Jones – Those sweet words
5. Elvis Presley – Can not help falling in love
The songs above I guarantee will make you feel in love again.
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Well, stress seems difficult to avoid for us who live in big cities. Congestion, pollution, noisy and boring routines, that’s what causes us stress. If left too long, it will be harmful to our health and mental.
In my opinion, a good song to relieve stress is a slow and soft song. Here are some great songs to listen to when we are stressed :
1. Norah Jones – Do not know why
2. John Denver – Take me home, country roads
3. Willie Nelson – Crazy
4. Ed Sheeran – Tenerife sea
5. Coldplay – Yellow
Please listen to one by one, but avoid listening to the above songs while driving.

Be happy

This is the feeling what we want. Happiness is more than just money. All the songs are very beautiful to hear when we’re happy.
To further improve the mood when happy, here are some cool songs:
1. Radio Head – High and dry
2. Taylor Swift – Shake it off
3. Marvin Gaye – Se*ual healing
4. Janis Joplin – Piece of my heart
5. Bob Marley – Buffalo soldier
When we experience a feeling of lack of excitement, we’re lazy to do anything. To increase your spirits, listen to some of the following songs, I guarantee will improve your mood. Here’s the list:
1. New Found Glory – My friends over you
2. Ramones – Hey ho let’s go!
3. Slipknot – Wait and bleed
4. Van Halen – Jump
5. Queen – We will rock you
That’s some cool songs are heard in various situations, there’s no harm to you try it!
Hopefully song for every situation article helps, please share if useful!

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