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Still Going Strong - The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones continue to show no signs of slowing down. Although their original career peak came in the 1960s, when they released a string of classic singles such as "Satisfaction" and "Paint It Black" and toured the world on “The Bigger Bang” tour, they remain a much-loved band today. The Rolling Stones are still recording and touring, with their latest tour landing them at number four on the list of highest grossing touring artists so far in 2018. Their first hit single was recorded while they were still schoolboys at the private Wycombe Abbey boarding school in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. They have come full circle and now live just half an hour away again, in a secluded mansion near Reading called Stargroves which has its own private cricket pitch. While they all have homes elsewhere, they meet here to rehearse, write new material and relax between tours.

How Old Are the Rolling Stones?

The Rolling Stones formed in London in 1962, the same year as The Beatles. All members of the band were born in the 1940s. Mick Jagger was born on 26 July 1943, Keith Richards on 18 December 1943, Brian Jones on 1 June 1942, Bill Wyman on 16 February 1936 and Charlie Watts on 2 July 1941. The youngest member of the band, Watts, is just three years younger than Jagger, but the age gap widens as the band members get older. Richards and Wyman were born just two years apart, but Richards is nine years older than Wyman. While the ages of the band members have varied over time, the Rolling Stones have been giving concerts for over 50 years. While their tours are now shorter than they used to be, with fewer and smaller venues, they still perform around 120 concerts each year.

Their Career Highlights So Far

The Rolling Stones have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and have been given numerous awards for their contribution to music. Their first number one album came in 1971 with “Sticky Fingers”, and this was followed by “Exile on Main St.” (1972), “Tattoo You” (1981), “Voodoo Lounge” (1994) and “Blue and Lonesome” (2016). Their most recent studio album, “No Filter”, was released in November 2018. The band’s most famous song is “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”, released in 1965. The Rolling Stones have also had several number one singles in the UK, US, Germany and Australia. Their biggest-selling album is “Exile on Main St.”, which has sold over 22 million copies worldwide.

Rolling Stones Discography

The Rolling Stones have released 30 studio albums in total, as well as a number of compilations and live albums. They made their first recording in 1963, but their first album “The Rolling Stones” was not released until April 1964. Their most recent studio album is “No Filter” (2018), and their most recent compilation album is “GRRR!” (2017). Their most commercially successful albums are “Exile on Main St.” (1972), “Sticky Fingers” (1971), “Tattoo You” (1981) and “Voodoo Lounge” (1994).

Their Biggest Songs

The Rolling Stones have released countless hit songs over the years, and it is impossible to choose their “biggest songs”. Their biggest-selling single is “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”. Their highest-charting song in the US is “Start Me Up”, which reached number two in 1982. Their most popular song in the UK is “Satisfaction”.

The Tours

The Rolling Stones have been touring for most of their career and have headlined a number of the world’s biggest music festivals. They have headlined at Glastonbury Festival in England every decade since the 1970s, and they have been headliners at almost all of the major music festivals around the world. Their “50 and Counting” tour in 2013 was their most recent world tour. They have also held a number of special concerts to celebrate important anniversaries or changes to their lineup, including “50 and Counting”, “75” and “100”. They are currently on the No Filter Tour and are set to continue touring until 2020.

Where to Next for The Rolling Stones?

The Rolling Stones will continue touring until 2020, at which point the band members will be in their late 70s or early 80s. After more than 60 years of making music together, the Rolling Stones show no signs of stopping. After years of recording albums in studios, the band has recently started making music in a studio bus while they are on tour, which they can then release straight away. In this way, they have released music on their website as they go, and this provides a fascinating insight into how their latest songs are created.


The Rolling Stones have shown no signs of slowing down since the 1960s. They have continued to make and release music, tour the world and play in front of large audiences for decades.