the 5 best rock vocalists of all time

The 5 Best Rock Vocalists of All Time

The 5 Best Rock Vocalists of All Time – In a band, the role of vocalist is vital. You could say he is the front man who determines the popularity or not a band. In fact, often the vocalist is better known than his band. Therefore, in a band is usually more popular his vocalist than any other player. Usually the vocalist is known for his voice character, his attitude, his performance and his stunning stage action.

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Minor threat hardcore music history

Hardcore Music History

Hardcore Music History – Hardcore was originally acclaimed as dirt, quick and bustling punk-rock. Which emerged in the US in late 70’s through early 80’s. The hard-core bands, including Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Teen Idles, Minor Threat, Jerry’s Kids posed as founders of HC.

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Metallica - List of Best Metal Bands of All time

List of Best Metal Bands of All Time

List of Best Metal Bands of All Time – Metal music is a loud rhythmic music and became one of the most popular music genres. Therefore, many new metal bands emerge nowadays. Some of the popular metal bands released many of the best metal songs of all time that became hits. Most famous metal bands come from the 70s or 80s. That year was a golden era of metal music. This time we will discuss about Best metal bands of all time.

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