The 8 Singers With Great Vocal Range

The 8 Singers With Great Vocal Range – Having a good voice is everyone’s dream, a most beautiful gift from God. Perhaps many singers in this world who have good voice, but not necessarily have a high pitch or wide vocal range.


8 singers with great vocal range
(Mariah Carey)


Who are the singers with great vocal range?

This time let’s look at 8 singers have great vocal range, take a breather first before reading it, the following sequence :


8. Celine Dion (Singer with 3 Octave range)

Celine Dion is a Diva who has a very melodious voice, but it also has a high pitch, which is 3 octaves.

Her highest voice can we heard on her very popular song “My heart will go on” soundtrack from the phenomenal film “Titanic.”


7. Toni Braxton (Singer with 3 Octave 2 Tone range)

Toni Braxton is a female singer who has a heavy voice character and includes an alto voiced singer.
The highest tone ever sung we can hear in her hits song, namely “Unbreak my heart.”

Toni Braxton, the heavy-voiced female singer, was born in Maryland, USA on October 7, 1967. She has a ‘Vocal Range’ from Bb2 tone to C # 6 tone. Means, she is able to produce sound as high as 3 Octave 2 tone. Wow!


6. Nicole Scherzinger (Singer with 3 Octave 3 Half Tone range)

Nicola Scherzinger is female singer with 3 octave range. The highest tone reaching 3.5 octaves seen on the song in “Helpy never”. This beautiful female singer was born in Hawaii, United States on June 29, 1978. She also has a strong voice like Christina Aguilera and she also has ”Vocal Range” from D3 tone to G # 6 tone. Means, she has a voice as high as 3 Octave 3.5 tone.

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5. Beyoncé Knowles (Singer with 3 Octave 4 Tone range)

Who doesn’t know this singer, with the song titled “Listen” and a voice that reaches 3 octaves 4 tones make people be amazed at him.

Beyoncé Knowles was born on September 4, 1981. She has a ‘Vocal Range’ from A2 tone to E6 tone. Once calculated, she has a voice as high as 3 Octave 4 tone. Beyoncé’s longest breath while singing is 14 seconds long. So amazing!

4. Christina Aguilera (Singer with 3 Octave 5 Tones range)

This powerful female singer was born in New York’s Staten Island on December 18, 1980. Christina Aguilera Vocal Range ability from C3 tone to A6 tone. Overall, she has a voice range as high as 3 Octave 5 tones, almost 4 octaves. But because of the powerful voice she has, many people compare to Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. Her longest breath as she sings is 17 seconds.

3. Mariah Carey (Singer with 5 Octave range)

Surely you’re surprise that Mariah Carey is only in place 3. Surely many who idolize Mariah Carey, or make it as an influence in singing, but in fact Mariah Carey only able to sing up to 5 octaves only, high voice seen on the song entitled “O holy night” and “Dream lover”.

Mariah Carey, born on 27 March 1970 in New York. This upper class diva is often reported as a woman with a 7 octave vocal ability, in fact, Mariah Carey’s’ ‘Vocal Range‘ reaches the tone of F # 7 and the lowest tone of F # 2. Means, the resulting sound reaches 5 octaves, proved wrong instead of news that Mariah Carey is a pop diva with 7 octave vocal ability.

2. Adam Lopez (Singer with 6 Octave range)

The second highest octave singer is a male. Adam Lopez was born in Brisbane, Australia on 26 August. He is the singer with 6 octave range. He has the ‘Vocal Range’ ability from Eb2 tone to Eb8. It was so high, by the time he ‘sounded’ Eb8’s tone from his mouth, his voice sounded like a communicating whale. Means overall, he has a voice as high as 6 octaves.

1. Georgia Brown (Singer with 8 Octave range)

Georgia Brown is the highest octave singer in the world, she was born in Naples Italy on June 29, 1980. With ability of ‘Vocal Range’ from G2 tone to G10 tone. Of course her name listed in the ‘Guinness World Record’ as the man with the highest pitching ability.

Georgia Brown also has a voice as high as 8 octaves. In fact, her Belting Battle ability or the ability to sing with Lyrics (Not Falsetto) she is able to do so as high as 5 octaves. Compare with Mariah Carey or other famous singers who are usually only able to sing with lyrics up to 3 or 2 octaves.

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Wow, that’s 8 singers with great vocal range in the world, hopefully inspire you to widen your range of voice. Although there are still many more singers with high octave range out there. After all, having a wide vocal range is one of the benefits for a singer, it is certainly more varied in tone processing.

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