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The Biggest Raves in Europe including Raindance‍

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of attending a rave and letting go. Whether you prefer the more underground warehouse events or the glamorous, expensive parties there’s a little something for everyone. The culture of raving has become increasingly popular in recent years, and Europe is home to some of the biggest raves. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest European raves, including Raindance festival, that are worth checking out if you are planning on attending one soon.

What is a rave?

A rave is an event where people gather together to dance to electronic music. It’s a dance party that may be indoor or outdoor, and it can last for hours at a time. Raves are a great outlet for letting go and having fun with a crowd of people. There are many different types of raves, and they may have different atmospheres and looks depending on the location. Some raves are more like nightclubs with a DJ spinning Top 40 hits while others are more like music festivals with stages and large sound systems. There is a wide range of raves that happen throughout the year all over the world.

Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE)

The Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is one of the biggest EDM festivals in the world, and it takes place annually in Amsterdam. It was first held in 2000 and has been growing ever since. The festival features various events throughout the city, such as concerts, workshops, and indoor/outdoor club events. These events are attended by thousands of people from all over the world. The festival features various types of electronic dance music, including house, techno, and trance. It is held in October and lasts for about a week. Many attendees travel to this festival from other countries, including the US and UK, for the experience and atmosphere. ADE is a rave event worth attending if you like dancing and EDM.


Tomorrowland is a well-known festival that is held in Belgium each year. It is a huge event that lasts for two weekends, and more than 400,000 people attend each year. This festival is also well known because it is featured in a documentary called “We Are Your Friends” in which a young man tries to make it as a DJ. Tomorrowland is one of the most expensive raves in Europe and costs around $600 per ticket. The festival is held outdoors in a large city called Boom and features many different DJs and live music. It is a very popular rave event and one of the biggest raves in Europe.

Sunburn Festival

The Sunburn Festival is held every year in Goa, India. It is one of the biggest electronic music festivals in the world and lasts for almost a month. The festival began in 2009 and has grown since then with attendance reaching over 300,000 people in 2017. Sunburn Festival is a multi-stage event that features music from a wide range of electronic music genres including house, progressive, trance, drum and bass, techno, and breakbeat. The festival also features many different arts and culture activities and has a strong focus on sustainability and environmental friendliness. It is one of the biggest raves in Europe, and attending this event is something that many rave lovers will never forget.


Mysteryland is an annual music festival held in the Netherlands. It started in 1993 and is one of the oldest EDM festivals in the world. It is held in August each year in a wooded area surrounded by lakes and other natural settings. This festival has a strong focus on the arts, and it is one of the biggest raves in Europe with regard to attendance. It features various music genres, such as house, techno, trance, and drum and bass. There are many stages at this event, and it also has an indoor area for attendees who prefer to stay out of the elements. This is one of the biggest raves in Europe with many people attending each year. It is a great event for EDM lovers and people who want to enjoy the arts at the same time.

Zurich’s Street Parade

Zurich’s Street Parade is held in Switzerland each year. It is a very different type of rave compared to the others on this list. The Street Parade is held in a city street, and it features large floats that are designed and made by individuals or groups. These floats travel down a street in the city and are watched by many people who are dancing and partying at the same time. This is a very unique type of rave, and it is one of the biggest raves in Europe since it attracts millions of people each year.

Raindance Festival

Raindance Festival is held in London each year and focuses on underground music genres. It has a wide variety of music, such as breakbeat, dubstep, drum and bass, house, and techno. This festival has been running since 1997 and is a very popular event among rave goers. There are many large-scale events and festivals in the UK, but Raindance is one of the biggest raves in Europe. It is a very popular festival that lasts for a few days each year.