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The Tragic Story of Patsy Cline‍

Backstage, 3:00 pm

The show’s emcee, Hank Cochran, brought the whole band back to the dressing room to prepare for the final part of the show. It was 3:00, and they had been on the road for a month. That’s a long time to be touring, day after day, and they were all exhausted. As the concert progressed, Patsy Cline’s performance was so electrifying that fans in the audience could barely sit still. Many stood up and began to cheer, “We want Patsy!” When Hawkshaw Hawkins’s band members came out to perform their set, the crowd began to chant, “We want Patsy!” Some fans even started throwing things at the stage in protest. But when Hawkins’s band was only halfway through their set, Patsy Cline took the stage in a red sequined gown and began to sing “Faded Love” to a rapturous crowd.

The Final Song: “Faded Love”

The musicians’ road manager, Bill Turner, had been keeping a careful log of the number of miles the band had traveled during their tour, and he noted that they would now be traveling just over one million miles on the tour’s last day. The band was nearly finished with their tour, and they were all looking forward to getting back home. The last song of the evening was ‘Faded Love’, which is a very slow and gentle song, perfect for the end of a show. It was also the last song that Patsy Cline and Hawkshaw Hawkins ever performed together. It was a song that Hank Cochran had written and later recorded with Patsy Cline. Now, it was Patsy and Hawkshaw’s turn. The two of them were standing on stage, holding their guitars, as the band played behind them.

The Crash

The concert was over. The audience was leaving the building. And Hank Cochran was in his dressing room counting the night’s take. The pilots of the three planes had been talking on the radio and had decided to meet at a nearby airport. They all took off, heading for the airport, to meet up there. Everything was fine as they flew along. The planes were low, and the pilots were flying under the clouds. They knew there was a small airport nearby, but they didn’t know where it was exactly. It was cloudy and dark, and they couldn’t see the ground. Suddenly, they crashed into each other. The two smaller planes were torn to pieces, and the wreckage fell to the ground near the town of Camden, Tennessee. All three men in those two smaller planes were killed instantly. The pilot of the third plane, who was flying with the rest of the group, saw the others crash and tried to get away, but he didn’t get far. His plane crashed a short distance from the other two.

Aftermath of Patsy Cline’s Death

The three men who died in the crash were Patsy Cline, Hawkshaw Hawkins and the band members who traveled with them. They were all flying in a twin-engine airplane that was designed to hold eight passengers. That night, there were 12 people, including the three pilots, on that one plane. There were too many people on board, and the plane was not designed to carry that many. The impact of the crash was so powerful that the engines were torn off the plane and thrown some distance away from the wreckage. The fuselage of the plane, where the people were sitting, was almost unrecognizable. The only way to tell that it was a plane was by the shape of the wreckage. The site of the crash was a field that was covered with cornstalks. The cornstalks were broken off at about waist level, where the bodies were found.