Top 5 Richest Musicians In The world

Top 5 Richest Musicians In The world – The world of entertainment is able to give all the luxury, because it is one of the biggest money circulation from the past until now. Of the many things we can take from this entertainment world, one of the most interesting areas is music.

Being a musician today is one of the most promising choice of profession, because proven that there are so many musicians who can be rich from his career. Curious who are the richest musicians in the world all the time?

Richest Musicians in the world

List of Richest Musicians In The World Ever

Previously, the first rank of the world richest musician held by Michael Jackson. It’s just because he died in 2009, maybe he’s not that rich anymore. Especially when it was known that Michael was in debt so big when he died. If he did not die, it would be his fortune of $ 500 million at the time and has grown up to now. Many people estimate his current wealth could reach 900 million US dollars.


1st Ranking of the richest musicians now held by Madonna Louise Ciccone or more popular by the name of Madonna. With the current wealth reaches 800 million US dollars and continues to grow. Madonna is a singer, producer and songwriter who has become one of the best performers in terms of career and economy. This singer has been in a career for three decades and no doubt his credibility. Age is now reached 58 years, didn’t stop him to continue working in the realm of music world.

Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney at position 2 in top richest musicians in the world, after Madonna. With a fortune of 670 million US dollars today. Although Paul is one of the world’s legendary band The Beatles, it turns out his wealth was not obtained when he became a member of The Beatles. The fantastic wealth that led him to become one of the world richest musician is from the solo outcome of his career after leaving the Beatles.

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Dr. Dre

After Paul McCartney, Dr. Dre has also become one of the third richest musicians in the world today. With a fortune of 660 million US dollars, Rapper career since the 90s, prove that the genre of minority music in the world can provide fantastic wealth, that might never imagine before. Dr. Dre is still 52 years old, even allowing him to become the richest musician in the future.

Sean Combs (Puff Daddy)

Next in the richest musicians in the world is Sean Combs. With a fortune of 640 million US dollars, 48-year-old rapper was not only have income from music alone, but also from his business in a television network called Revolt TV. And also join venture that he did with one of the world’s largest liquor producer Ciroc V ** ka.

Celine Dion

The last richest musician in the world is a Canadian senior singer, Celine Dion. The 49-year-old woman is popular with the song “My Heart Will Go On” which became the most phenomenal movie soundtrack “Titanic.” She has a fortune of 630 million US dollars. Now She has exclusively contract to perform full-time at several events in Las Vegas for a fantastic fee.

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That’s the richest musicians in the world. Hope can give you inspiration and motivation.

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